Fashion Friday: Autumn Hits

So living in the UK you will be feeling the full force of Autumn, the rain and wind, and cold! So lets get our Autumn look on...

Adore Emma's look here classy, and gorgeous. 

Perfect, comfy boots!

Perfect fall style

Perfect floppy hat

Pretty dresses and scarves!

Knitted dresses, always.

Oversized Knits always. 

Plaid and Cable Knits 

The perfect denim shirt.

All perfect for Autumn/Fall

Pack Like A Pro!

Packing has become an art for. Whether going on a short trip or long journey, you don't want to find yourself with 'nothing to wear'. Avoid packing too much and bring things that are interchangeable. For example, with each pair of trousers you should have three tops that work.  It's good to add layered outfits so you can add or take away, as no one can ever really predict the weather. 

Never pack too little. Always bring a jacket, even if you're going to a warm place, you don't want to get stuck in the cold when the sun goes in. 

Avoid bringing too many shoes - easier said than done - but they bulky to pack. Try to plan outfits around two pairs, plus the ones you're travelling in, which should be the ones that are least easy to pack, say your biker boots. Be versatile. Also stuff the toes of heels with tissue paper, scarves or rolled up tights so that they keep their shape in the case. 


Accessories are key for the traveller. They are small, and a great way to change and modify  your looks (belts, jewellery,  and scarves all pack well) Dresses are also great travel items as you can roll then into your case, and they are whole look in one. 

 It is always good to have one dressy look, just in case you end up somewhere fancy. Lastly, a great pashmina or shawl is a must have. It is as stylish as it is adaptable, from wrapping round you on a plane, to draping over your shoulders in the evening. 

Do you have any packing tips?