Wonderland Muse: Kataragura

As a brand, we often take inspiration from the girls we use for our clothing photos. We try to use 'real' girls where possible, and always in true lighting and outdoors! One of our favourites is Kataragura who always takes wonderful photos, but is full of love and laughter is a joy to work with. So make sure you catch up with her on her instagram, in the mean time here are some of our favourite photos.

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Gratituesday - 121 - Sunshine and Lemonade

No words needed, lets get thankful! 


Little Things...

Gorgeous friends who send hilarious texts Seeing our clothes and products on people around the world Kimonos Adorable pets Garlic hummus and rice cakes cider on a monday afternoon naps Postcards Cute Underwear Cupcakes Laughing Long nights Pizza New music Travel Plans Coffee dates  

What is on your list?

Macro Monday - 160!

Monday has rolled around again, so lets get our Macro on shall we? 

Monday feels. 

 This guy is amazing.


Wise words from Chloe.


True story


so true.

 I do love me some Nuble.

 I want to know!

So true. 


My feels about these. 

Have a great week babes!