How to Pick the Perfect Houseplant!

I used to think that caring for plants was simple. Put it in a pot, give it some water and that was it. My Mum loved gardening, still does and would spend hours in the garden, creating and landscaping.

Given my exposure to plants, one would think I’d be a bit of a green thumb. Disappointingly, I’m quite the opposite. You give me a plant to look after, and I’ll find a way to kill it. So far I’ve killed an aloe AND a cactus, which makes me so sad to even think about it. I mean, who knew that you had to take into consideration not only the amount of sunlight a plant needs, but also the different types of sunlight. Combine that with soil, water and fertilizer, and it’s safe to say whatever plants are left in my apartment have literally been living on the edge for quite some time.

I love the calming energy that plants bring to my home. The greenery reminds me of my Mum and how she used to speak to her plants while gardening. I name all of my plants. So I spoke to my mum about getting some tips!
Consider your schedule
If you are often out of town, choose plants that can survive a few weeks without watering, like jade or rubber plants, mini-geraniums, golden pathos, or any kind of philodendron.

Think about lighting
Think about where your plants will reside, and then pick those types that will best thrive in those conditions. Each plant has different needs, so research whether a plant needs high, medium or low light.

Take humidity into consideration
If you live in a dry climate, avoid houseplants that require high air-moisture levels unless you plan to put them in a room that’s often humid, like the bathroom. Tropical plants like Pink Sunburst cannas, caladiums, and lantanas need humidity; succulents and cacti are desert plants that thrive in dry air.

Go with hearty plants
Find your green thumb more easily by choosing heartier plant varieties like ZZ palms, wave petunias, dragon trees, ivy, and crotons. If you manage to kill those, switch to silk plants!

Do have any house plants?