Signs You’re Way Too Old To Be Going Out This Hard

You feel like you’re coated in a permanent lining of dried sweat and whiskey.

The very mention of “shots” makes you want to hire your own personal security detail.

You’ve crossed paths with a particular bouncer with such frequency, you’ve started to wonder, with incredible detail, what his life outside his job is like.

Hangovers have taken on the mantra of the boyfriend/girlfriend who’s around so often, it really doesn’t make sense not to move in.

Every upbeat song making the current radio rounds is somewhat familiar, though you don’t have the slightest clue who all these “going out” songs are by.

You’ve slept on enough random sofas to have penned an review book of them. 

You haven’t bought new clothes in 2 months, but your checking account makes you cringe each time.

After breaking down the numbers, you’ve become so upset with the terrible investment that is drinking alcohol that you need a cocktail this second.

And then subsequently hate-google “AA.”

There is no word to describe the envy you feel for people who “have mornings” and don’t sweat radioactive poison.

Tell everyone you know how much you hate drinking, in the way a third grader with a huge crush on Sarah tells everyone how much he hates Sarah.

You order entire pizzas for yourself, have one bite, burp, and fall asleep.

Your greatest fear is looking at a picture of your liver.

You’ve lost so many dinners to happy hours, you have half a mind to construct a memorial.

Even that really strong-willed angel that floats around your right ear has come to terms with the fact that your car is probably gonna be staying here overnight.

Your blackout resume features both proms and weddings.

You take to shadowing the drunken Aunt/Uncle at weddings, just to see if it’s a suitable career path.

You’ve started to refer to the hardest of your nights as “your ‘nam.”

It’s 2am, you have work in 5 hours, and the zombie that has taken over your body is staring at the wall repeating “drank, drank.” incessantly.

I mean you know it's time to start on the cocoa and early nights when you start finding these relevant!

Fashion Friday: Quirky Style

This weeks fashion friday we are bringing you only the best in quirky style! Would you rock any of these looks? 

Would you rock a rocket bag?

 emoji eyes anyone?

Too much?

Not sure I could pull this off...

 Would you rock this?

Go big or go home. 

Pom Pom shoes anyone?

 I would totally rock these.

OTT Glasses? 

How quirky is your style?

Social Media: Tips and Tricks I have Learnt

Social media can make or break a brand and as a small business owner myself ( I thought I would give out any advice I have come across along the way! So today I thought I’d cobble together a few of my random social media musings into some kind of coherent form for you all… I’m not sure why, but so often people assume I know what I’m doing. OK, I may have some idea (sometimes) but I certainly don’t have all the answers.  

Quite simply, there is no quick or easy way to get more followers and you don’t get anything in this life for free (or without some hard graft!) This is a point made where you can buy ‘likes’ for your business pages! Instagram has culled many (but you can still buy them, but facebook and twitter it's easy peasy) and how many of you have been spammed on Instagram or any social media platform with 'like for likes' or 100 followers in an hour? I mean come on! Trying to ‘get people to follow you’ is the same as trying to force them to like you (in the real life sense, not the social media sense) If they don’t want to, it just ain’t gonna happen. 

Obviously the social media platforms I run are for a business, they don't follow me per say they follow my brand, and why? well ultimately because they like the clothes that we sell, although one tip I have to say is don't spam people constantly. Brands to me (or people) who over post on any social network just make me want to unfollow them immediately. “But how do we get people to know that we exist so they follow us and read our whitty repartee and look at our gorgeous clothing/products in the first place?” Honestly? I don’t know. I can’t tell you how to be interesting and I can’t tell you how to be you…however you know what? The very best person to tell you the answer to this elusive question is…YOU.

So by this point you’re probably about to start throwing things at me whilst demanding your money back, but bear with me…I might not be able to give you a quick or simple solution but I am able to analyse some of the things I’ve done or noticed in and around this media we call social.

 Let people in! At the heart of it, social media is a way for your readers/followers/likers/customers to get to know you. Twitter in particular, breaks down the barriers and allows people to get to know the real person behind the blog/camera/shop front etc. People will follow (or unfollow) you because of that simple fact – because they like (or dislike) YOU. There’s no other trick than that. Be yourself and you’ll attract likeminded people who like you for (dum dum dum) who you really are. Instagram is the same, when people say 'ooh I really like this' then reply thanks, answer questions, be a person! There is NOTHING worse than someone who thinks they are too good to answer people (don't get me wrong, when you have 100k+ on any social network this is clearly hard work, and impossible) but a smaller blogger / shop owner? this where you can really sell yourself. I have had people say, I was thinking of buying this/that/the other but it was when you answered my question / liked my photo / said something nice that made me actually do it. 

Use you icon photos to sell yourself also. Show who you are! Wonderland is a bohemian brand, so if we had a photo of a girl in a bandage dress, it's not representing us at all, same with a blog or just a person! Show of what you are about, it will make a difference! 

The best way I can articulate how I’ve found social media success, is that I’m genuinely interested in the people that follow me and what makes them tick. Despite what you might think, your social media is not about you… it’s about them. These people take time out of their day to read your words, look at your pictures and in order to attract (and keep) them you need to share things that will interest them. What things to they like to see/purchase/read?

I don’t think many people want to sit and home and only read about other people’s accomplishments. Instead of just showing off all the time, use your social media to help others. Become a source and people will follow you because the things you’re posting are genuinely interesting and relevant to them. Which leads me on nicely to my next point…

There is nothing more boring than reading the tweets or facebook updates or instagram posts of someone who only bloody writes about how great they are or just shares all the amazing things that they’ve done. The best ‘social media-ers’ are the people that equally share things that fall into the following three categories:

1. Promoting yourself (linking to your blog posts/sharing personal photos)
2. Promote other people (sharing things you love – i.e. being a source) - be it photos people have taken on instagram (reposting, sharing favourite small brands etc) reposting tweets, or blog posts etc
3. Making real connections (having conversations/replying to your tweets, instagram and facebook comments) 


Could you imagine walking up to someone and shouting in their face…
If it would be a weird in real life, people will think it’s weird on twitter. Fact.

Don't beg for follows either, it honestly just comes across as a bit weird. People follow because they want to follow. Would you beg someone to be your friend IRL? no, so don't do it online. Organic, that's the best way. 

Also It’s quite an obvious thing to avoid when you think about it, but why do so many people think it’s OK to use their social media to moan moan moan? Moaning about clients, moaning about the weather, moaning about their doctor’s bill… First impressions count and are often lasting. If you constantly complain on social media, people will assume you are a negative person generally…and no one likes a sourpuss. Consider yourself unfollowed.

Learn from others who do you follow and why do you follow them? Thinking about what it is that you like about their instagram photos, tweets (facebook status, pins etc) can help you figure out the kinds of things your followers might like to see from you. Again, it sounds obvious now, but if you like it other people probably will too!

Another tip is knowing your audience! Things I post on facebook won't necessarily work on instagram. Instagram is obviously photo focused, so we post new arrivals (same on snap chat) and mix in some funny photos along with way. I am much more likely to speak to bloggers and people I may collab with on twitter, so we use it for conversational pieces. Facebook in many ways has had its day, but it still drives a lot of traffic to our site, in this respect I often post more sale items on there. 

Sharing different content on each platform will also encourage the people that are really interested in what I have to say to follow me in both places. WIN!

There is no magic answer or quick one-size-fits-all solution to social media success. However being yourself and helping others as much as you can will build a strong and loyal following. Whether you have 250,000 followers or just 25, it’s that loyalty that really counts.

Do you have any tips? 

Wonderland Muse: Helen From The Love Cats Inc

Helen is one of our favourite bloggers, whether it be her effortless style, gorgeous photography, stunning cooking, or general beauty tips her blog is defiantly one to follow! Check out our favourite snip bits from here blog here!

With a totally eclectic and stylish style!

Gorgeous photos and beauty tips and reviews.

I once said 'Your blog makes me fat' and trust me, it will do! Helens recipes are yummy!

Need Blogging tips? Helen is a pro!

Her giveaways are actually AMAZING 

You should defiantly follow Helen and can find here at the following places!

Gratituesday: Change and Forward Thinking

Break-ups, change of staffing, and a losing a friend to a sudden death - it's all been happening here. So as we try and get back on the train of normality let's be grateful! 

 Crazy embroidery


 Gem Brows

Ombre faux fur

 Random hair.




White hair. 

Little Things...

Working on exciting projects with one of your best friends Fan girling over seeing Rpatzz and FKA Twiggs Meeting FANTASTIC new people Evening walks with with oldest and dearest friends Staying up until 7am talking Healthy eating New filofaxes Pulled pork Roof top bars Etsy finds Buying new stock The Wonderland photoshoot for our own line coming together - eek excitement!  

What punctuated your life with fireworks this week?