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 Saturday nights



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 I would still totally date Kyle.

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Beauty Rituals: 4 Ways To Detox Your Body

Our bodies themselves are perhaps the most incredible detoxification systems that exist. I once saw a holistic doctor, and he told me that, as long as our bodies are functioning properly, we could “eat a bowl full of parasites and be totally fine.” And it’s true.

The thing is, though, when we overload our own bodies with toxins – through things like unclean, processed foods; chemical-laden beauty products; alcohol; and especially negative thoughts – our systems don’t function as efficiently as they truly should. To help get ourselves back on track, it’s about eating clean, avoiding chemicals, getting enough sleep, moving our bodies, and avoiding negativity. But, since I know you already know all of that, here are four more things you can do to help move those toxins through your body so that they can be removed for good.


In addition to helping detoxify the mind, yoga is a beautiful practice for cleansing the body. The pushing, pulling, stretching movements of every part of your body – in combination with deep, rhythmic yogic breathing – cleanses the body by helping along the removal process of waste products throughout. One of the very best yoga poses for detoxification? Downward dog.


This is an ayurvedic massage performed by vigorously stroking the skin in upward motions toward the heart, using a special oil blend that corresponds to your primary dosha. According to my ayurvedic practitioner, Abhyanga “moves obstruction in the lymphatic and circulatory systems, which enhances the health of the skin, organs, and endocrine system.” Daily Abhyanga, usually performed on one’s own self, is one of the main practices in Ayurveda. If you aren’t familiar with it, though, I would suggest your first experience to be a treatment performed by a well-versed ayurvedic practitioner. It’s incredible, and you will not regret it.

Oil pulling
If you’re not yet aware, oil pulling is an ancient Indian practice performed by swishing a high quality oil (such as organic unrefined coconut oil) in the mouth for about 20 minutes, aiming to pull toxins from the body. Studies show that oil pulling has incredible benefits for oral health – like whitening teeth and preventing disease – but many believe that this practice can help remove toxins from the entire body, bringing overall health to a maximum. Just make sure you’re up to date with your dental visits before beginning. When asked a dentist who explained to me that the presence of plaque will prevent the oil from penetrating the gums, greatly taking away from the effectiveness of the practice.
Dry brushing

This practice is similar to Abhyanga in that it stimulates the lymphatic and circulatory systems, helping to speed up the removal of metabolic waste from the body. It also offers a ton of other benefits, from unclogging the pores and exfoliating the skin, reducing the appearance of cellulite and possibly even improving digestion. All you need is a good body brush with natural bristles. Before you bathe, brush your dry skin in large, upward stroking motions, always going towards the heart – this encourages lymph flow in the proper direction. Once you’ve finished, take your shower, and emerge with smooth skin and a soothed mind.

What other ways to you help your body to detoxify itself? Please share!

Fashion Friday - Autumn Feels

With Autumn fast approaching (I mean come on UK have we actually HAD a Summer this year?!) we picked out some of our favourite Autumn Looks for inspiration!

 All about the chunky knit cardigans

Love this look. 

For the slightly warmer days.

 Cute wellies are a must!

Combats and ripped jeans for a laid back look.

Loving plaid shirts in Autumn

Oversized cardigans are a must. 

 Love this layered look

and can never go wrong with a bit of faux fur!

Do you have any go to Autumn looks?

Dealing With Cyber Bullying

Technology means that bullying is no longer limited to schoolyards or street corners. Cyberbullying can occur anywhere, even at home, via email, texts, mobile phones, and social media websites 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with potentially hundreds of people involved. For those who suffer cyberbullying, the effects can be devastating, leaving you feeling hurt, humiliated, angry, depressed, or even suicidal. But no type of bullying should ever be tolerated. These tips can help you protect yourself or your child online and deal with the growing problem of cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying occurs when a child or teen or more worrying adults use the Internet, emails, text messages, instant messaging, social media websites, online forums, chat rooms, or other digital technology to harass, threaten, or humiliate another person. Unlike traditional bullying, cyberbullying doesn't require physical strength or face-to-face contact and isn't limited to just a handful of witnesses at a time. Cyberbullies come in all shapes and sizes—almost anyone with an Internet connection or mobile phone can cyberbully someone else, often without having to reveal their true identity. cyberbullies can torment their victims 24 hours a day and the bullying can follow the victim anywhere so that no place, not even home, ever feels safe, and with a few clicks the humiliation can be witnessed by hundreds or even thousands of people online.

The methods people use to cyberbully can be as varied and imaginative as the technology they have access to. It ranges from sending threatening or taunting messages via email, text, or IM to breaking into your email account or stealing your online identity to hurt and humiliate you. Some cyberbullies may even create a website or social media page to target you.

As with traditional bullying, both boys and girls cyberbully, but tend to do so in different ways. Boys tend to bully by "sexting" (sending messages of a sexual nature) or with messages that threaten physical harm. Girls, on the other hand, more commonly cyberbully by spreading lies and rumors, exposing your secrets, or by excluding you from emails, buddy lists, or other electronic communication. Because cyberbullying is so easy to perpetrate, a person can easily change roles, going from cyberbullying victim at one point to cyberbully the next, and then back again.

Any type of bullying can make you feel hurt, angry, helpless, isolated, even suicidal, or lead to problems such as depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. In many cases, cyberbullying can be even more painful than face-to-face bullying because:
  • Cyberbullying can happen anywhere at any time, even in places where you normally feel safe, such as your home, and at times you'd least expect, such as at the weekend in the company of your family. It can seem like there's no escape from the taunting and humiliation.

  • A lot of cyberbullying can be done anonymously, so you may not be sure who is targeting you. This can make you feel even more threatened and can embolden bullies, as they believe online anonymity means they're less likely to get caught. Since cyberbullies can't see your reaction, they will often go much further in their harassment or ridicule than they would do face-to-face with you.

  • Cyberbullying can be witnessed by potentially thousands of people. Emails can be forwarded to hundreds of people while social media posts or website comments can often be seen by anyone. The more far-reaching the bullying, the more humiliating it can become.

If you are targeted by cyberbullies, it's important not to respond to any messages or posts written about you, no matter how hurtful or untrue. Responding will only make the situation worse and provoking a reaction from you is exactly what the cyberbullies want, so don't give them the satisfaction.

It's also very important that you don't seek revenge on a cyberbully by becoming a cyberbully yourself. Again, it will only make the problem worse and could result in serious legal consequences for you. If you wouldn't say it in person, don't say it online.

Instead, respond to cyberbullying by:
  • Saving the evidence of the cyberbullying, keep abusive text messages or a screenshot of a webpage, for example, and then report them.

  • Reporting threats of harm and inappropriate sexual messages to the police. In many cases, the cyberbully's actions can be prosecuted by law.

  • Being relentless. Cyberbullying is rarely limited to one or two incidents. It's far more likely to be a sustained attack on you over a period of time. So, like the cyberbully, you may have to be relentless and keep reporting each and every bullying incident until it stops. There is no reason for you to ever put up with cyberbullying.

  • Preventing communication from the cyberbully, by blocking their email address, cell phone number, and deleting them from social media contacts. Report their activities to their internet service provider (ISP) or to any social media or other web sites they use to target you. The cyberbully’s actions may constitute a violation of the website’s terms of service or, depending on the laws in your area, may even warrant criminal charges.  

If you are being cyberbullied, remember:
  • Don't blame yourself. It is not your fault. No matter what a cyberbully says or does, you should not be ashamed of who you are or what you feel. The cyberbully is the person with the problem, not you.

  • Try to view cyberbullying from a different perspective. The cyberbully is an unhappy, frustrated person who wants to have control over your feelings so that you feel as badly as they do. Don't give them the satisfaction.

  • Don't beat yourself up. Don't make a cyberbullying incident worse by dwelling on it or reading the message over and over. Instead, delete any cyberbullying messages and focus on positive experiences. There are many wonderful things about you so be proud of who you are.

  • Get help. Talk to a friend , teacher, counselor, or other trusted person. Seeing a counselor does not mean there is something wrong with you.

  • Learn to deal with stress. Finding ways to relieve stress can make you more resilient so you won't feel overwhelmed by cyberbullying. Exercise, meditation, positive self-talk, muscle relaxation, and breathing exercises are all good ways to manage the stress from cyberbullying.

  • Spend time doing things you enjoy. The more time you spend with activities that bring you pleasure—sports, hobbies, hanging out with friends who don't participate in cyberbullying, for example—the less significance cyberbullying will have on your life.

Find support from those who don't cyberbully:

Having trusted people you can turn to for encouragement and support will boost your resilience when being cyberbullied. Reach out to connect with family and real friends or explore ways of making new friends. There are plenty of people who will love and appreciate you for who you are.
  • Unplug from technology. Taking a break from your computer, tablet, iPod, video games, and cell phone can open you up to meeting new people.

  • Find others who share your same values and interests. You may be able to make friends at a youth group, book club, or religious organisation. Learn a new sport, join a team, or take up a new hobby such as dance, art, or music.

  • Share your feelings about bullying. Talk to a friend, counselor, colleague, religious leader, or trusted friend. Expressing what you're going through can make a huge difference to the way you feel, even if it doesn't change the situation.

  • Boost your confidence. Exercise is a great way to help you feel good about yourself, as well as reduce stress. Punch a mattress or take a kick boxing class to work off your anger.

    Stay strong!

Pixie's Skincare Tips!

Hello all! So a lot of you have been asking for my skincare regime for a while now so I figured maybe it's time to get it out there for you! 

I change it slightly to try out new products when the ones I use eventually run out, so I'll let you know what I've been using the past month or two and if you like this one I can do another post of new products that I've experimented with.

SO! You've all asked so many different questions Lets just try cover everything:
Daily routine
When I awaken from the ever so important beauty sleep I give my face a really good clean using Porridge by Lush Cosmetics. (Yep you probably already guessed there was going to be Lush cosmetics in this)! 

Then before applying any make-up if I choose to wear any that day I put on a moisturiser called Vanishing Cream also by Lush. This moisturiser is my most favourite product in this post. It was recommended by a friend months ago and I haven't been able to live without it since. It's around £18 but you only need to use a tiny bit and it lasts for ages. I don't like to wear make-up everyday because my skin is so sensitive and it needs a break so most the time I just put this silky moisturiser on for the day!

Removing makeup
Right. In terms of make-up remover, cleanser, toner and moisturiser it can vary with skin types. I'm only letting you all know what I personally like to use for my skin but if you have any questions on products you're more than welcome to send a tweet/DM/comment.

ANYWAY. I've recently come across a vegan brand (I know a lot of you followers are vegans so if you haven't already heard of this brand you're welcome!).
To remove make-up I use the Organic Eye and Makeup Remover by Inika. As you know my skin is sensitive and the dry or oily state it's in can change a lot, but this particular product, although new in my routine, seems to work for me no matter what state my skin is in, leaving it feeling fresh. So I will definitely buy again when it has run out!

Now for the cleanserCurrent favourite is Let The Good Times Roll by Lush. This particular cleanser is best if you have sensitive skin that is prone to being quite dry and sore. Its got enough scrub to help even out the skin and clean it properly, but not too much to leave it feeling raw. Oh and it smells good enough to eat!

I invested in the Tea Tree Facial toner from The Body Shop about two months ago and definitely would buy it again. This really helps clear up any spots and keep them away, leaves the skin feeling hydrated, smells amazing and seems to last for ages!

Moisturiser as I've already mentioned is the lovely Vanishing Cream also by Lush. When you find a moisturiser that works with your skin perfectly (I'm hoping its this one because it's an all rounder) then try to remember to use it twice a day everyday if you can. Once in the morning and once before bed if you want the best results.
Extra weekly care - Treat yourself! 

If you're either having a quiet weekend in or night out we all deserve a pampering evening. So whether you're staying in with Netflix or need some you time the day after dancing like Beyoncé, these products are great for relaxing/recovering.
Mask of Magnaminty. It smells incredible, doesn't sting the skin, leaves it feeling really refreshed and rejuvenated AND its green. Those of you that have been following me for a while know how much of a bonus that is! This comes in a decent sized pot and can be used on the body too.
Whilst this face mask is doing its magic I recommend a hot bath with a new bath bomb to try out each week. The latest one that I love (and I've noticed a lot of you love it too already) is Intergalactic by Lush. I don't feel like I can describe as well as the Lush Cosmetics website does so if you haven't already read it, enjoy:

"Ever wondered what bathing in deep space would be like? Invite the cosmos into your bathroom with this sexy, interstellar bomb and become the guardian of your own galaxy. An awesome mix of refreshing peppermint and neon colour sends your mood rocketing, while popping candy takes you on a trip around the Milky Way. Constellations swirl and pop, creating vibrant lustre vortexes in the night sky. Before you leap too far, rogue layers of vetivert and cedarwood take hold, evoking the warmth of human contact far from home and a hint of 80s aftershave. Return from your intergalactic brief encounter as the grounding scent brings you gently back from orbit."

And yes, it 100% lives up to its expectations! After using it once I went back to my local Lush store the next day and got 3 more! Not only is it beautiful before you use it but it leaves your bath water a deep blue colour with specks of glitter in it and smells AMAZING!

I'm no skin expert I just try out different products and see what suits my skin. It varies for a lot of us but I hope this has helped most of you and maybe you've discovered some new products you didn't even know existed! 

As well as all of this information the main most important things that will help your skin is a healthy diet and plenty of WATER! I can't stress it enough how much of a difference is makes to your skin keeping yourself hydrated and healthy.

Love, Pixie 

How To Rebuff Unwanted Advances

Obviously when you're young and beautiful, and magnetic you're going to receive unwanted advances.  Bizarrely often the less attention you pay someone the more persistent they become.

A swift sharp rebuff MUST come sooner rather than later.
Never make fun of a love struck fool because one day it might be you.
Treat as you wish to be treated, and never date out of sympathy.
Tempting as it is to keep your options open, don't give false hope, and don't be a tease. 

Hard as it is, you have to be honest. There is no nice way to let someone down. 'Lets just be friends' or 'I value our friendship too much to have a relationship with you' are cowardly, inexcusable and, frankly, insulting. Unless you mean it, and then you have to be cruel to be kind. 

Always do the deed face to face, or if they are likely to be completely hysterical and irrational, on the telephone. Talk it through. Dumping someone via text or email is pathetic. 

The direct approach is defiantly favoured by Vivienne Westwood. Bella Freud witnessed her classy rebuff. In a club a man who used to hold a torch for Vivienne came bounding over, but she just lifted her arms in the air and drew a circle around herself. When asked what she was doing, she replied 'I am rubbing you out, Sir' 

Remember: From Jane Austen to When Harry Met Sally, the fact that men and women cannot simply 'be friends', has been amply illustrated.