Gratituesday 108

Lets get straight down to business, what are you grateful for today? Here is what we are thankful for, and loving this week! 

This song is awesome, this gif set is awesome (I always post it when it's May!) and it's nearly May which is awesome! 

Listening to Elvis Presley records. 

Slouchy Socks 

Instant Photos 

This is super cute. 

Swimming in the rain. 

Cute little bunny eating!

This amazing save.

Acts of trust. 

Roses in bloom. 

Little Things...

♥ Planning coffee dates with cute tattooed Mama models ♥ Spending days with my best friends and their kids ♥ Sunshine (always) ♥ Planning my 30th birthday outfit  ♥ 'They named their kid what?!' ♥ Having a rough week and knowing you have the best support system ♥ Helping people out, with no gain whatsoever but gratitude yourself (nice feeling!) ♥ reconnecting with old friends ♥ fresh flowers ♥ days in bed with just Dexter (finished it all - boo!) ♥ chicken stirfry ♥surprising phone-calls ♥bagels ♥hot pink nails ♥ fake tan - needed! ♥Hello by Lionel Riche (the video just gives me lols for days ♥people with good manners ♥ 

Okay then gorgeous, how about you? What made you do a little jig of glee this week?

Macro Monday 110

Hope you had a gorgeous weekend whatever you did, and this week is full on fun! However if Monday is kicking you hard, then get your laughs on with Macro Monday!

                        The fact someone put faces on these makes my day.

 This way of declaring your love!


This really isn't funny, but It kind of is. 


Worth a shot. 

                                                     This is genius!

                                                          So funny.

                                                      Until next week!

Going Dutch

Being Dutch has always been something that I am incredibly proud of. My Dutch heritage is something I flaunt, and even though I have an English AND a Dutch passport, when someone asks my nationality, my reply is always “Dutch, but I was born in England”.

I feel that living in England my whole life has made me miss out on a lot of Dutch traditions, but my mum does her best to teach me them, so today, on King’s Day (or “Koningsdag”), I’m wearing pretty much all Orange. The rest of Holland will be doing it too, and no matter how many people complain that my jeans are too bright, I am NOT taking them off.
  King’s Day in Holland is the celebration of our King’s birthday. It tends to involve everyone getting horrifically drunk and partying on the streets… I’m planning on being in Amsterdam next year to join the party!

Over the few days before Easter, I was lucky enough to make a quick trip over to Holland to visit some of my family. When you think of Holland, what do you think of? Amsterdam’s Red Light District? Or the soft drugs available on every street corner? I tend to think of tulips and cheese and bicycles, but that’s just me!

Yes, yes they are. Source
While I was in Holland, I visited the famous Keukenhof – it’s a beautiful garden filled with rows upon rows of flowers. I have NEVER seen that amount of flowers in one place, but it was truly beautiful!

I also had a very scrumptious waffle at lunch, like that fatty that I am ;)

I really would suggest that everyone has to visit Holland at some point in their lives, so here are a few hints and tips if you do!

1.       Don’t attempt to speak Dutch. We WILL laugh at you and reply in English!
2.       Don’t eat ‘drop’. It’s the Dutch version of liquorice. It can be recognized by its colour: black. The taste is a blend between earwax and black paint. The Dutch absolutely adore it and eat many, many kilos of it. There is a nationwide conspiracy to look at the faces of foreigners that were made to believe the stuff is actually edible.
3.       The Dutch do NOT like spending money (they would rather cut off an ear). They will love you forever if you give them something for free.
4.       If you ever want to have a cheese sandwich, do NOT cut the cheese with a knife. You will be forever hated, looked-down upon and ridiculed. We have an incredible invention known as a ‘kaasschaaf’, which slices the cheese in thin slices.
5.       A typical meal in Holland includes ‘een patatje met’ (chips with mayo) and ‘kroketten’. These don’t exist anywhere but Holland, and are the most delicious food in the world. They’re basically breaded food, stuck in a deep-fryer and eaten hot… there’s nothing better!
This is 'Kroket met patat'
6.       There is a fast and fool-proof way of embarrassing yourself in Holland. Enter a coffeeshop and ask for a cappuccino. Coffeeshops – remember this – DON’T sell coffee! (They do however have a large variety of stimulating products… If you know what I mean.)

 7.       And, most importantly – the Dutch are the most kind and hospitable people. The Dutch may talk your head off, but they are truly kind-hearted. If you ever meet a Dutch person in or outside Holland, there is no shadow of a doubt that they will have a smile to share.
Let me know if you’ve ever been to Holland, or are planning on going! I’d love to hear. Don’t forget to email me on , or you can follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Tumblr!


I've gotten quite a few questions from people asking about their own personal style over the years, how to fully unlock it, well have no fear, Stephie is here! For me personally, my personal style is ever-changing, as it should be because obviously you can't dress the same way you did when you were 5 if you're now 23!

1. Go through your closet. This is starting block 1 for anything regarding style and your own personal style. So grab three bins to get to work! In one bin, throw in the items you haven't worn in over a year and know you won’t wear, donate those items to a local thrift store of your choosing or sell them off. In the second bin, look for items that you’re not too sure you want to give away, but you’re not sure you’ll wear either. Put those aside and later on, see if you can modify them in any way! Revamping an old item is the perfect way to bud into your unique personal style! Stumped? Head over to the interwebs for ideas, but don't copy them directly! And lastly, have a bin for the items you’re going to keep.

Go through your parent’s current or old wardrobes. Your parents may have a box or few in storage or in the basement/attic, and those are treasure troves waiting to be opened! You can even go through their current wardrobes, and just don’t stick to the parent’s wardrobe of the same sex as you. My dad played drums in a band and was/is a huge rock and metal head in his youth, so I get first dibs on all his vintage tour tees, which make the perfect distressed t-shirt dresses! Ask around with your relatives too!

Thrift happens. Thrift stores are one of my favorite places to shop, not only because they're cheap and I'm on a pretty minimum wage budget, but because they house vintage and unique finds! And don’t just stick to the women’s or men’s sections! Hit both, and if you’re like me and can still fit kid’s sizes, go there too! Don’t let small tears and rips discourage you though, those can be easily fixed by yourself, mother, grandmother, aunt or local tailor!

Don’t just stick to your size while shopping! I know, if you were like me when I was younger, wearing a size L top when you’re an XS can be a puzzling feeling. But seriously, being able to have a unique sense of personal style is all about how you style said item. So what if fifteen other girls that day have the same top or bottom you have, as long as you’re styling if your way, it doesn't matter! When I go shopping myself, I don’t look for size all that much, I look for fit. Always try on items you’re not sure about too, it’s less of a hassle to try it on an have it not fit, then to get excited about it, take it home, and it turns out it doesn't fit!

Get inspired. Scope out things like Fashion Weeks, Google Searches, Polyvore, Pinterest and street-style blogs/your own streets. Print out the picture if you want, or save them to your phone. But out your own twist on it! You like studded denim jackets? Cool. Bleach it, splatter paint it, distress it, add patches and sewing, just make it YOU.

6. Find what does and doesn't work for you. I'm talking in both body-wise and just overall personal opinion-wise. Know what works your body type, and what doesn't if you want to look up-to-trend and comfy as well, and what doesn't work. Know what you like and don't like. Like myself, I don't like heels, at all. I will wear wedges and clogs all day long, but I avoid heels at all cost, I also don't really like boyfriend cut jeans or floral crowns. Go out one day and pick three to five items that you normally wouldn't wear and take them into the fitting room with you, you never know, you may find something you've always thought would never look good on you, but lo and behold they do!

Someone doesn't like it? SCREW THEM. Confidence is key, key, key. Without it you’ll be giving a crap what others think of you while you’re parading around. They’re random people, they won’t matter in your life in the next hour, so why let it bother you with the comments or looks they make??. If I let that get to me, I would have stopped strutting around in my platforms shoes, leather pants and spiked leather jackets a long time ago before my personal style shifted yet again. But I didn't, and neither should you.

Just remember that only you can rock your personal, unique, style. No one else can do if like you. So do your thang girls and boys, and keep your head up and your fabulous ass looking fabulous!

And I am sooo sorry I wasn't around the past two Fridays, for some reason my scheduled post didn't actually post (thanks very much Blogger), but I'm back! No worries. By the time you read this though I'll probably be releasing my inner rock goddess at Carolina Rebellion!

Love & Light,

Why We are Mostly Disney Villans Not Princesses.

Do people fall in love with you wherever you go? Because if you were a Disney princess you can be sure as sure can be that wandering through your provincial town at least three marriage proposals are coming your way on your morning commute. This isn't to say that men don't fall in love with you, but your relationships come from hard work and and showing that you're fantastic. 

Lets be fair, those girls that get the uncontrollable giggles at the drop of a hat? (Literally) well that's not really you. It's more likely that you are having the uncontrollable giggles when something inconvenient happens to the beautiful people. You don't laugh at slapstick, your humour is dark. Like you. 

These Disney princesses also have the whole fairy tale kingdom at their mercy. They have everyone doing everything for them, when they want. They shake that long unrealistic hair, and bam they get the Prince, the Kingdom and the Job. You on the other hand have to actually work hard, and play it a little shady to stay ahead to get to the top of Pride Rock. 

You're not insanely good looking. Don't get me wrong, you're all right. You might have some high cheekbones, big eyes but you're not Princess hot. However this doesn't stop you, you are more than alright and have a kick ass personality/spirit and so on. 

Like a normal person you can hold a grudge. You don't forgive the person who tried to kill you by having a dinner party, or become best friends with the person who stole or is trying to steal your boyfriend. You have limits, and anger, and like revenge. 

Mostly likely point? you're a strong independent woman who doesn't need a man to come and save her! Yea you might go on the odd date, make out online you're a little hotter than you are, but are never expecting or wanting a man to give you the happy ending you deserve. Your victory in life will be hard won and deserved from the hours you put in. Having a delicious man treat on your arm is an added extra, but it is by no means the main part of your story, and that is why being the Disney villain is much better than the princess.

Gratituesday 107

So here in the UK we have just had a four day weekend, which is lovely (well I worked it due to being a small business owner I don't get that luxury!) However it was lovely to spend time with family and friends also. So let's get going shall we, get our gratitude on!

This kitty feels how we feel after eating all the Easter chocolate!

Spent Sunday with my Dad driving in the Sunshine listening to Zepplin. It was glorious. 

This guy is so freaking excited - and it makes me heart sing!

REALLY want to go. 

I concur.

Love this feeling. 

Spring flowers, honestly they make my day! 

This edit! 

Chat Magazine - always makes me grateful for my own life!

Sleeping bunnies!

Little Things...

♥ SUNSHINE! Seriously been walking lots in it and it makes me SO happy ♥ Working and listening to Elton Johns Greatest hit (each one is great!) ♥ Drinking iced coffee and reading trashy magazines  ♥ PALM SPRINGS LOVE  ♥ Balloons covered in glitter in big bunches ♥ 'He will rue the day!!' ♥ Having my hair done and having a good old gossip in the process! ♥ Letting go ♥ Planning trips with beautiful friends ♥ Swings! ♥ Sugar highs ♥ Foreign Fashion Magazines ♥ Making daisy chains ♥ Making playlists for sunshine walks ♥ Planning outfits ♥ naming your dresses after friends ♥ prawn cocktails - so 70's so awesome ♥ things looking up! ♥ my friends - now, yesterday, and always. 

What about you cutie pie?