Fashion Friday: Lace Up Dresses!

The 'Lace Up' trend is well, everywhere! So we have picked out our favourite dresses donning the trend that are also awesome A/W ones! Summer dresses are fab when layered with some key pieces! 

Seen on Kate Middleton no less! Grab yours here

Loving this dress which could easily be paired over jeans come the cooler months! 

Just love the suede look of this, a statement back for sure!

 Adore the oversized lace up on this denim number

Loving this tye dye beaut!

Keeping in casual in a gorgeous Autumn red 

 Very cute velvet dress!

Getting girly!

Are you loving the lace up trend?

First Communion Dresses!

My God daughter is about to have her first communion, to be honest I didn't even think about dresses at all until my best friend said she needed one! What does a girl wear to one, where do you find first communion dresses what do I wear to one? 

I am pretty much all about white communion dresses
 Anything girly and cute!

There is something really cute about vintage communion dresses

 There is something magical about finding little girls dresses for these occasions, the hunt for first holy communion dresses is a long time tradition in many families and cultures, and am happy to be a part of my god daughters! 


We're going to get a little philosophical today as I’m thinking about lots of things that are happening, the things that come around, the times that are really set to test us. 

What I really wanted to say was that there’s a big wiiiiide world out there, one where the bitching, the mean comments and the cliques don’t exist… one where it doesn’t matter if this person doesn’t like you or that person thinks what you’re doing is wrong. So much more is going on in our lives, why does such trivial stuff like this matter? It can be amazingly liberating it was to unplug and switch off from the internet for a while. Not what people think, how many blog posts you have scheduled, how busy and ace your life looks like is on snap chat and instagram. Spending time with my best friend at the weekend made me realise  what mattered to us was that we were having a hell of a good time together and we really didn’t miss being chained to our computers or worrying that anyone was being mean about us online, that we were taking the perfect selfies, that everyone needed to see us having an amazing time on snapchat. We were just having fun. 

If you’re feeling like things are getting all too much I’d encourage you to take a break (and I mean a real break… like get away for a whole week – its AMAZING) unplug and have ridiculous fun with your friends. I did even for a few days and oh baby it was the best time ever. I’ve come back feeling refreshed and more inspired than ever.

Macro Monday - 169!

Times to get your lols on 

 I really hated that mouse.



 poor love





 love Cher

 Too cute.




 so cute


 So cute


Love this. 

Best life.

haha so true


I want to be his friend



I would always pick this. 


too cute

say what?


Have a wonderful week!

Strawberry Beauty Tips!

The strawberry: red, juicy, delicious…it’s like nature’s little heart.  I wanted to explore some unique ways that you can incorporate this tasty fruit into your daily beauty routine. Packed with nutrients and benefits, check out these three simple recipes that will help you look your best!

Strawberry Face Mask

 Strawberries are great for getting your skin to look its best, and this mask will help to ex-foliate, renew and brighten your face. All you need is a couple strawberries, some plain yoghurt, and honey. Slice up and mash together the strawberries before adding in a spoonful of honey and yoghurt. Mix all of the ingredients together and spread evenly across your face. After 15 minutes, wash the mask off to reveal soft, glowing skin!

Strawberry Hair Mask

Strawberries are packed with vitamin C which is helpful in nourishing the hair, and they also have the ability to get rid of any excess oil build-up that your scalp may be holding in. This hair mask will help you get those shiny locks that you have always dreamed of — and not to mention it smells amazing! Blend together 5 to 7 strawberries (depending on the amount of hair you have), and a tablespoon each of coconut oil and honey until a smooth purée is formed. Work the mixture into damp hair while massaging your roots, then rinse away with warm water. This recipe is a cheap and natural alternative to store bought hair masks which can be expensive and packed with chemicals. 

Strawberry Detox Water

Drinking water is a natural way to clear out our bodies, but adding in a few more ingredients can turn it into a powerful detox drink that can flush away all unwanted toxins. I tried a refreshing combination of strawberries, lemon and mint. Lemon juice cleanses, alkalises, and boosts the immune system, while mint leaves a cool flavour and helps to settle the stomach. Strawberries will add in flavour, antioxidants and skin enhancing nutrients. All you need is a handful of sliced up strawberries, a few lemon wedges, and a couple sprigs of mint. Add all the ingredients to a pitcher of water and set aside in the fridge while the flavours build up.