Wonderland Muse: Sera From Stardustbohemian!

Stardust Bohemian is the Brand + Blog of fashion artist Sera Brand.
Stardust Bohemian was established in late 2012 with the beginning stages of her career in Fashion Design.  The aesthetic in her brand is “Be Humble for you are Made of the Earth, and Be Noble for you are made of the Stars.”  A quote from a Serbian Proverb that has inspired her bohemian lifestyle and designs.
 We love Sera's aesthetic and outlook on life as a whole, she is inspiring, creative and a joy to work with!

You can find her blog here, in the meantime enjoy some of our favourite photos! 

Rocking crochet and a Kimono on the beach.

 Casual and chic in check.

Gorgeous shorts for a laid back desert look.

Cute kitten ears at Salvation Mountain. 

 Rocking laid back trousers and a brimmed hat.

 We have serious hair envy.

 Not many people can don fishnets, and tye dye gloves, and make it work!

Rocking gorgeous velvet bells.

 Festival chic down.

Boho Queen. 

Rocking our Song bird dress. 

You should and can find Sera at the following places! 

Gratituesday - Long Weekends and Good Friends

So if you're in the UK you will have (hopefully!) had yesterday off, so grateful for Bank Holidays for sure! What else is on the list this week? 

 Summer staples.

 Dog gifs.



Queen Bey. 


Little Things...

Fresh Juices Fire Flies Random Pub dates on Friday afternoons Walking in sunshine Large glasses of cold, cold water Tanned skin Summer vibes You tube make up tutorials (genius some of them!) puppy love sorting our email inbox Entourage Personalised pencils Tinted lip gloss freshly washed clothes  

What has been lighting up your galaxy this week?

Macro Monday - 164!

Well it's another Bank Holiday here in the UK - and get 30% of Wonderland with code: BANK - so enjoy!

Lets get out Macro on shall we?


uh oh 

Come to Brazil! 


 I remember this well.


So true.

 we want one.

Been there, a lot. 

Have a good week guys!

Fashion Friday - Getting Prom Ready With Sherry London!

Re-imagining your prom is pretty fun. If I knew then what I know today, I’d have worn a bright mint dress with a tulle petticoat, and turned up on a bicycle. I’d take my best friend as my date and give her flowers. I might try to bribe the DJ to play a couple of songs by N Sync. I wouldn't stand on the sides, boy would I dance! 

Now for many of you, prom is still a thing to come! of course, it’s all about the dress… So many, many options would need to be scouted. In my quest to find the perfect prom dress, I stumbled upon Sherry London, a store which packs a punch and houses an extensive collection of dazzling party dresses. If you’re a girl/magpie who loves all things sparkly, check out their site!

They are also having a MEGA sale on some gorgeous pieces for prom (which are all custom made to fit you!) 

I love this one on the left probably because I am a sucker for sparkles, and a two piece, and tulle! oh me oh my. Also this could easily be worn apart once prom is over! On the right we have every girly girls dream (which also comes in white and mint!)

On the left we have an amazing modern day fairy tale dress, and that bow at the back? ADORE! On the right, this dress is perfect for you badass babes who want to add a touch of edge to your dress (however the design also comes in sugary sweet pastel colours too!)

These dresses give us chills (in a good way!) the left dress, has us thinking Beyonce at the Met Ball vibes, with a spring meadow touch! The right? well its answers all our wanting/needing to be a mermaid vibes!

Last picks are this gorgeous gown on the left, with stunning detail this one is super flattering! The one on the right? want to show off that amazing waist you have? this is the dress for you!

Is your prom just around the corner? Have you thought about what you’re going to wear yet? (I want to live vicariously through you!) …and if you, like me, are several years past your prime prom, I want to hear what it was like! Did you wear something cool or something shocking? If you were going to do it all over again, what would you do differently? 

Dreaming of corsages and spiked punch...

This post was made possible with the help of Sherry London! If you like what you see, check out their site here!

Mermaid Spray For Beachy Waves

Salt on the skin, sun kissing the nose, piecey waves in the hair. A day spent in the spa has absolutely nothing on a day spent on the beach.

For those of us in the chillier portions of the world, days under the salty, bright skies are juuust out of reach, but that doesn’t mean we can’t achieve the beach’s beauty-enhancing effects on our own — namely: those gorgeously natural piecey, beachy waves formed when the sea meets your locks and the sun sets them to dry.

So we have got the perfect natural spray that is super easy to make - Mermaid Spray!

1 cup warm water
1 tablespoon natural sea salt
2 teaspoons organic coconut oil
2 teaspoons aloe vera gel (straight from the plant if possible!)
5-10 drops essential oil of your choice (we used lavender)

To make, combine all ingredients into an empty spray bottle. Screw on the cap, shake well, and you’re ready to go! Experiment with different types of essential oils to find which scent you love most. I stuck with lavender this time, which smells beautiful in combination with the coconut oil, but I think this would be great with some lemongrass or other citrus scents, as well.

To use, just spray the mixture onto damp hair, scrunch to form piecey waves, and then let air dry. Voila! You’re a beach babe. I also like to spray this in my hair near the roots when it’s already dry, and then blast with a hair-dryer for added texture and volume.