How To Survive New Years Eve

It's a fact few people care to admit, but New Years Eve is one of the most over rated and stress induced dates in the calender. The only way to be able to survive it is with forward planning. Spontaneity collapses on New Year's Eve as most drinking holes and clubs have cottoned on to this 'event' and sell tickets in advance, so here are our options for you! 

Plan ahead and get all your friends to buy tickets for the same place on the night and go together. Or avoid hassles and debates by giving them all tickets to the venue that you want to go to for Christmas. Sneaky yes! 

Glam up and if you're feeling energetic throw a dinner party. 

Book a Cottage or go abroad. 

Or you can watch the obligatory reruns on television, make a list of New Years Resolutions, stay up to hear Big Ben and go to bed sober. Wake up fresh as a daisy and ready to  start the New Year as you mean to go on: hitting the sales.