How do you know when a friendship is over?

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  The other day someone I am working with on a collaboration was telling me about their best friend. I couldnt help but feel that (although I had only heard one side) the friendship to me just didn't sound like it was working out. Friendships are relationships that should be cherished, but they need to be balanced. If you constantly worry that your friend is mad at you, that your friend just seems to come to you when shit if hitting the fan, most importantly that a particular friendship is causing you more harm than good, well then it might be time to re-evaluatete it.

The older I have gotton, the more I value my friendships. I no longer want the most friends, or the fullest phonebook, I like to have people that I trust, value, and respect and want to spend time with, and vice versa! 

  So how do you know when a friendship isn't working? What are the signs? 

Why your friends shouldn't and might not always agree with you (however much we wish they would!) they and you should always keep an open mind about what you are sharing with them. We should always be able to put our point of view aisde and look at things from other peoples perspective, and if we cant, or people don’t? Well that is not a healthy relationship.

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 Saying that not every conversation with your friends needs to be deep and meaningful. But strong, lasting friendships are built on more than just shopping, grabbing coffee, or getting drunk. If your friend is not interested in trying to build on these relationships, or are you, it is not saying that it is a bad friendship, but it isn't a deep one. If you only do these things with your 'close' friends and that friendship doesn't go deeper, then how close are you really? 

You ever had that friend that you know isn't going to want to go to your favourite dinner spot? Know that they will criticse your choice of attire? But you even think of even critcising them? Well you know the backlash that will ensue? That's not friendship, and personally? talk it out and explain how you feel or walk away. It is the same if your friend is only interested in what she/he gets out of your relationship. If you find that 9/10th's of the conversation are taken up by her, and her problems then it's not a mutual friendship, you're acting more as a counsellor.

If you find yourself in a friendship that's causing you more stress than enjoyment, you may want to end the relationship. Most friendships don't totally have to end you just have to reevaulate where they are on the friendship spectrum. 

So you feel in friendship limbo what can you do to make it or break it?
You need to decide if the problems in this friendship, like the ones discussed are more than just a blip in your well being. If they are becoming detrimental to your life, growth and health? Well it's time to take a step away. If you're not sure about what to do or whether you are in the right or wrong then it's best to ask someone else who is unbiased. Asking someone who is not in the friendship, can give you the clarity you need, but make sure you are being honest also. If you come to the conclusion that the friendship is over, then move on.

Friendships may have their ups and downs, but they are supposed to be positive aspects of our lives. If you are coming away feeling more negative than positive from the relationship then it may be time to let it go.

Gratituesday 103 on a Wednesday!

The weeks seem to be flying by, and I seem to have misplaced my days so here is Gratituesday on a Wednesday!

 Love flamingos, love this design

 The Very Hungry Caterpillar was my favourite book as a child, if you haven't read it do so!

One of my favourite songs, Going away to college by Blink 182 

 This very true statement.

 This amazing gif.

This great illustration.

 More love for Kitties and Bullshit

Gold stars always!

 Amazing 3D Coffee Art

 This picture of Kim K Crying on anything makes me lol

 Last week I gave you kittens in a box, here is MOVING kittens in a box (the one falling over makes me lol)

 Pretty much me ^^

 Love this pin - but the shop appears to have gone!

Still obsessed with neon lights! Love this Gemma Tickle one.

Finally, cats paws - always.

Little Things...

♥ Happy emails from happy people! ♥  home made soup ♥ FINALLY getting some much need sunshine
♥ false eyelashes that don't look false ♥ Lazy wine and pizza dates with old friends ♥ forehead kisses ♥ 'BITE ME' ♥ Flowers starting to bloom  ♥ The days most certainly getting longer ♥ chance encounters ♥ plans, plans, plans ♥ instant photos funny texts ♥ 90's music ♥ making tulle skirts ♥ long conversation ♥ being proud of your friends

How about you?

Macro Monday 102

It's Monday which means it's time for another stack of our favourite memes, macros and gifs to get you through!


I think we all do...

Forever one of my favourites

 Best ever explanation of a guinea pig!

 Mean but funny Grandpa.

 Bethan LOVES trains!


This gif is amazing on so many levels.

Pretty Much

 Fluffy is NOT impressed.

 Amazing Gif

These awesome signs. 

Happy Monday Folks!


Spring is approaching, and here are Wonderland, we're prepping with both ease and giddy-ness! Spring for us means warmer weather, lazy rainy days with movie marathons, more bonfires, beachfront walks, frozen yogurt dates with friends, and the magic of thawing from all of this snow and cold! I don't know about you, but I'm from California stuck here in North Carolina, I'm not a fan of cold or snow. The only ice I like is ice cream and ice skating, and I prefer to "admire" (aka glare at) the snow from at least 10 feet away, curled up in blankets and drinking my tea. I'm ready for Spring, how about you?

This week's post is all about Wonderland Clothing and how to get the best Spring dubs from the site! Em has worked her English tush off, and I'm so excited and proud of my Goose!

All items marked with a are available at, and I'll link you to the other stuff!

One of my favorite things to wear during the spring, and summer as well, is white on white. Not only because it's so serene, but it also makes tans, or budding tans, look amazing! For Spring though, it allows for the a-dor-able fawn long cardi. Deer are my second favorite animals behind horses (yes, I'm that girl who was obsessed with horses in school, and I still am, I take daily walks -weather permitting- to visit the horses on my street and give them treats!), so I am drooling over this little number, and I love how the fawn as an abstract look to it, it kind of reminds me of a fawn house, something you'd see in an anime fantasy movie (like Howl's Moving Castle). But the cardi is paired with a flowing white tank, some distressed white wash vintage Levi's, and some super casual and classy leather strap flip flops! The cardigan is also full-length, so you'll be playing layers here when your shorts are shorter than your cardigan. 
The second outfit features an amazing fringe kimono with a steer skull and floral print screened on the back, and I've paired it with a breezy and simple black dress, and some distressed ankle boots as well. This outfit is lightly layered, and the kimono has traditional-style slits cut into the armpit area, so you won't have to remove the kimono, even when you're in the sun (not counting humidity though!). We also have another layer play here, due to the length of the kimono as well!
This last outfit in the lot is super-casual and great for going to school, heading to small theme park, or hitting local fairs. The simple tee has a great message on it, mind of matter, and makes for a great mantra if you're wearing it to school haha ;)  But I paired the shirt with some distressed skinny jeans (if you are wearing this to school, check your dress code if you have one. I know at my high school when I went, holes in jeans had to be below fingertip length!), and some cute and comfy pink trainer sneakers!
Bambi Cardigan c/o Wonderland Clothing, Tank c/o Les Pommettes, Vintage Cuff-Offs c/o Etsy, Leather Flip Flops c/o American Eagle Outfitters
Oyster Kimono c/o Wonderland Clothing, Gillian Dress c/o Weekday, Distressed Ankle Boots c/o ASOS
"Mind over Matter" Tee c/o Wonderland Clothing, Distressed Skinny Jeans c/o Pull & Bear, Pink Trainers c/o New Look

Patels are coming in for spring, so why not kick it up a notch with this to-dye-for UNIF jacket? I couldn't find one online in the moment, but you can throw on a distressed white tee (can be an easy DIY!), and some retro-looking high-waisted shorts. Then finish off your look with another UNIF item with a joyous message on them (hehe). This outfit is great for our badass babes, or if you're looking to mix up your look!

Spring is a great season to wear those slouchy beanies, so I've taken the liberty of pairing it with a breezy little floral dress with half sleeves, and some classic Vans in white. You want the dress to be the statement clothing piece in the outfit, so these basic kicks and neutral beanie allow you to do so with ease.

I love this dress, so much. It's so cute and so versatile, you can pair it with a simple scarf like I've done so here, or throw on a leather jacket or heck even the UNIF jacket in the set before it! There are so many options for this dress, but I've taken the laid back route by pairing it with the scarf, the vintage-esque handmade satchel, and some cute to boot (pun intended) ankle booties. But you can also pair it with some Docs, gladiator sandals, flip flops, cardigans, you name it!

And the last outfit is something I can definitely see some one like a celebrity wearing out on the town or running errands and trying to look as mundane as possible haha. Both the tee and shorts are from Wonderland Clothing, and these short sare uber cute and can be worn with alot! Since the shirt is longer, I would tuck the front of it in to show off the shorts. The basic gladiator sandals add an even more casual touch to them, so all you need is a messy bun, some sunnies, and that giant bag you own that you could live out of, and you're good to me mates!

"I Dye You" Jacket c/o Wonderland Clothing (currently out of stock), "Superfreak Shorts c/o One Teaspoon, "F*cked Forever" sneakers c/o Wonderland Clothing
Slouchy Beanie c/o Nordstrom, Short Floral Dress c/o Wonderland Clothing, Vans c/o ASOS
"Shipwreck" Dress c/o Wonderland Clothing, Dots & Lace Scarf c/o CThandmade, Leather Satchel c/o Wonderland Clothing, Everwell Ankle Boots c/o NastyGal
"Never Tear Us Apart" tee c/o Wonderland Clothing, Flowers and Beads Shorts c/o Wonderland Clothing, Gladiator Sandals c/o ASOS

What was your favorite look from the post? What's your favorite item from WC that maybe wasn't featured? I also tried making the outfit descriptions short and sweet as opposed to long and detailed, which one do you all like better? Let me know below!!

Love and Light,


You don't need a boyfriend, When you have a cat.

buy print here

I have always liked cats, but to be honest always thought of myself as more of a dog person. This was until Jones came into my life.  When we got him his name was Froggy, he was 5 years old and his owner had gone into a care home. He came into a home of dogs, and did not approve. Then one night watching the film alien we watched as the cat Jones, hissed and spat at them, just like our Jones did at the dogs - and that was that, he was therefore Jones. 

Jones has become like my shadow, and has totally changed my feelings of cats. The other night my friend (I use this term loosely in this setting!) said you're going to be a cat lady, alone with your cat forever. This got me thinking, why would this be so bad? would it be? No! so here are my reasons for why you don't need a boyfriend, you need a badass cat. 

They, like you, just want to sleep all day.

Who doesn't like to make cat noises? well when you do it at your cat they understand so it serves a purpose!

 You can dress cats up like you would your boyfriend, cats will look cuter, and make for awesome photos like the above. 

Cats are fluffy - enough said. 

They may not get overly excited when you walk in the door, but they’re always waiting on the bed for you, like any good life partner should be.

They look at people with the hatred and disdain you wish you could. 

 They make for funny YouTube videos. You have much more chance of going viral with a cat video, than a boyfriend one

“Crazy cat person” is a title you should be honored to have.

They always want to be near you, even when it’s inconvenient and they’re getting all up on your laptop while you’re trying to type. At least someone always wants to pay attention to you.

Because if and when you do let them outside, they’ll love you enough to bring you back a mouse because they think you’re a really big dumb hairless cat that can’t hunt for itself (no, seriously this is a fact apparently).

Because at the end of the day, people come and go. Cats are for fucking ever. 

Do you have a cat? if so show me! Or not a cat person?! THE TRAVESTY!

Gratituesday 103

So another week has come and gone and I hope you all had a gorgeous Valentines day however big or little you celebrated! 

Lets see what we are grateful for this week!

 Seeing strawberries coming into the shops means Summer is on it's way surely?!

Your cat lady starter pack has arrived!

Juno always, and if you haven't seem Ellen Page's speech coming out, then you need to! It's here  

 I spent hours on the phone to one of my best friends this week, and realised how important it is to still speak to your friends! We are lost in a generation of texting, and emails so pick up the phone!

Obsessed with this flower construction. It's by Anne Ten Donkelaar an amazing Dutch artist. You can see more of her work here

Gotta be thankful for ferrets in a bath!

This macro!

The art of handwritten letters, it needs to make a come back!

Little Things...

♥ Cinema Dates with Mama Bish ♥ London Fashion Week killing it and making me a proud Brit! ♥ Power walking that turns into Power Lunching ♥ Lovely tweets ♥ Texts such as 'I am going to Miley's tour for the clothes, even if I am the only 30 year old there, BY MY SELF ♥ Some sunshine after ALL the rain ♥ Save the last dance soundtrack (so good!) ♥ Leo Dicaprio LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ♥ Having but missing friends all over the world ♥ Researching Sloth Sanctuary Visits ♥ Cocktails in rainbow colours ♥ Emails from pretty boys ♥ Hatching plans ♥ Wham! whilst eating Wham! bars

Now you go!