How To Justify New Heels, Every Month

Sometimes life is unkind and can send us into a financially difficult storm. I am here to justify why you should still buy yourself high heels (one pair a month, max!) 

Never leave home shabby and unkept - because if you don't care why should anyone else? The mantra is 'the worse the situation, the higher the heel!

Walking in heels  requires concentration, therefore making you think clearer, and coming up with faster solutions to solving your problems. See? now you don't need to pay for all that therapy you would have had to. 

Buying a pair of more expensive heels is really a savvy investment. Cheap shoes don't last long, and you only have to go out and buy more...

Heels lift spirits as well as bums, and tone thighs. So work out and therapy in a few foot steps? A decent enough pair of heels can be equal to a weekly gym workout, a pay rise with a bigger office, and can also lead to lavishing of gifts, dinners, drinks, theatre trips and so on. A real investment you see!

Look at it like this and you can justify more than one pair a month really. 



  1. you really made me smile darling! Yes, you raise some really good points. Personally, I do love heels. Occasionally I have to take a break from them and wear sneakers and biker boots, but I always come back to them because they make me feel more feminine and polished.

    Today I wasn't feeling well, so I got dressed up and wore gorgeous boots with really high heels...and it did make me feel a bit better!

  2. Haha I always like to persuade myself that my heels are toning my legs, is it true...? I dunno but hey ho let's go with it hahah! Plus cheap shoes really do go minging quick xxx

  3. These are sooo cute!! I especially love the boots! :)

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  4. That black and red heels look so chic! Looks so expensive. That would look great on a lot of my outfits.

    Jessica |

    1. Jessica, you look gorgeous in anything!

  5. Great share! Even I have some awesome collection of Charles & Keith online at #Majorbrands.


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