Gratituesday - 122

So true! 

 Happiest Duckling?


 Polar Bear Cub!

 Cat! Snow!


Love this. 

Yes Kevin!

So this weeks gratitude is about following your dreams, positivity, fist pumps to doing what the hell YOU want. 

Little Things...

Long chats and future plans 'Just don't propose on the first date!' Dogs catching rain drops 'Urgh the peasants' Grateful people! Lattes Finding amazing jeans Travel plans to faraway lands the word ORCHIDACEOUS Scented candles Rediscovering 'California Love' - Tupac Walks Mozzarella and Tomato salads Salted caramel - well anything Roast beef sandwiches (SO GOOD) Ok food in general    BGT (DAVID I LOVE YOU)  

What made you smile this week?

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