Gratituesday: Summer Where Art Thou?

We are all down for a little cooler weather (being Brits and all!) but seriously where is Summer? Here's hoping it heats up come August! Lots of exciting projects in the pipeline, and so much to share soon! How about you? what is on your gratitude list this week?

 Aesthetically still an amazing film

Loving this. 

 Cutesy Tattoos




Alice Always 

Little Things...

Looking forward to Christmas (ever too soon?) Funny texts Supportive people around you Motivation Positive Changes Nice emails Coffee, coffee, coffee Personal Trainers Tomatoes and Mozzarella Exciting projects Hotel Hunting Doggy Sweaters First Wives Club Early Morning Puppy Love Kisses The Prawn emoji (now, always forever) Crazy Family New Trainers Old show re runs

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