How To Rebuff Unwanted Advances

Obviously when you're young and beautiful, and magnetic you're going to receive unwanted advances.  Bizarrely often the less attention you pay someone the more persistent they become.

A swift sharp rebuff MUST come sooner rather than later.
Never make fun of a love struck fool because one day it might be you.
Treat as you wish to be treated, and never date out of sympathy.
Tempting as it is to keep your options open, don't give false hope, and don't be a tease. 

Hard as it is, you have to be honest. There is no nice way to let someone down. 'Lets just be friends' or 'I value our friendship too much to have a relationship with you' are cowardly, inexcusable and, frankly, insulting. Unless you mean it, and then you have to be cruel to be kind. 

Always do the deed face to face, or if they are likely to be completely hysterical and irrational, on the telephone. Talk it through. Dumping someone via text or email is pathetic. 

The direct approach is defiantly favoured by Vivienne Westwood. Bella Freud witnessed her classy rebuff. In a club a man who used to hold a torch for Vivienne came bounding over, but she just lifted her arms in the air and drew a circle around herself. When asked what she was doing, she replied 'I am rubbing you out, Sir' 

Remember: From Jane Austen to When Harry Met Sally, the fact that men and women cannot simply 'be friends', has been amply illustrated. 


  1. Amazing post! I am laughing so hard at the chocolate thing! I will stick to Ew, get off me!
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  2. Great tips! They are always exceptions, but men and women can't be friends if there is any attraction between them (even if it is only one side- and especially then it is not far to take advantage of anyone).

  3. I must admit I no longer have this problem but as a sweet young thing it happened a few times. It's so hard to be nice but direct haha!

  4. Hillarious - thanks for putting this smile on my face :)

    XO from Malta,

  5. Hahaha!! Funny but so true :)


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