Dancing Tips!

Dancing is a way to show off your finest assets, general dancing tips be in club music or ballroom are: 

Stand facing your partner. If you don't have a partner do the dancing solo!

Make eye contact. This is key, as you can assess in a moment whether they actually know how to dance and will be able to take the pressure off you. Depending on the tempo and genre of music you have several options, whether to just wiggle, hold hands and so on. You may have to try out a lot of dance partners, but view it like finding the perfect fit of jeans or shoes. 

You have to go through a lot of 'nearly's' and 'not quite rights' before you find perfect harmony and happiness. Remember dancing is 10% skill and 90% confidence. 

Think Ginger Rogers, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, A sexy pole dancer...

Dutch courage is often necessary but do the maths first! Where are you? who are you with? Is there anyone you want/need to impress? Anyone you work with there? How dance friendly is your outfit? Above all what shoes are you wearing? It is crucial to calculate the shoe to alcohol ratio. 

Watch music videos and learn, doing the time warp, the birdie song, etc are never and do never look cool. If you lack coordination shimmy on the sidelines! If you dance as well make sure you wear shoes you can dance in, and if you're not on the beach then don't go bare foot! If you want to, take lessons! You learnt to drive so why not learn to dance? 


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