Gratituesday - Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!

Summer is hitting hard today! it's the 20th July which shall probably be the first and last day of British Summer! Anyway apart from the heat, what else are we grateful for this week? 

 These awesome items!

All the pastels

This great wardrobe list. 

Our namesake

 Gorgeous soaps


 Smootie love.

Lazy days

Vintage prints

White hair 

Current feels.

Little Things..

Explaining Pokemon to my mum Seeing loads of kids out and about playing pokemon Kim Kardashian / Tswift drama - hilarious Weekly dates with your oldest friend and laughing a lot Frozen Yoghurt Living down the road from one of your best friends / co workers and having many coffee dates Laughing all the time Ginger beer Free lattes Flower crowns (no shame) New music learning about snap chat bad girls club (obsessed) prawn cocktails cooking more the return of celeb bb!  

What’s on your love list this week?


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