Gratituesday - No New Years Resolutions!

January seems to be the month everyone decides to try and 'cut this out' 'diet' 'work out' it just piles on the pressure, so I say no to new years resolutions - you want to change something do it! Not quite ready? then do it when you want, not because society deems this month the time you HAVE to! So I am grateful this week for not putting pressure on, a cold and horrid month anyway! 

So lets get out gratitude on!


Tees (sneak of coming soon to a project!) 

Curly fries FTW 


 Bright balloons!

Dramatic comics

 Countdown to Summer

Photoshoot plans!

Little Things...

Trading circus lessons with Immy for clothes Coffee dates, always EUROVISION (5 months I know...) Headed towards goals which seemed impossible Going it alone and with your gut Risk taking Laughing Winter walks with the pups Trashy TV CBB Weekend Breaks with the bestie Fruit Salad  


  1. I agree with point in making decisions because everyone else is doing it. We should do it when we feel ready.

    Feeling gratitude is so important!

    Looking forward to that project with tees:)

  2. Most intrigued by the tees! xx

  3. Great post dear!

  4. Lovely photos. xoxo

  5. So loving that tee! Cheers to no New Year's Resolutions - I never make any either!


  6. Great photos and picks! I love Eurovision!!
    Have a lovely day :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  7. Love this post! That beach in Greece is on a phenomenal island called Zakynthos, I've been there a few years ago! Absolutely stunning :)



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