Gratituesday - Sunshine and Fresh Stars

With Spring well and truly here it always makes me feel like it's time for a fresh start of some kind! Some big decisions have been made over here, and for the better and there is something about Spring which makes everything and anything seem possible! 

It really does!


Why yes.

This song.



Yummy hot chocolates

Ice cream


Little Things...

Summer playslists The gym Going to for a sprint in the woods Bluebells Cheat days Coffee (always) Long walks and long conversations Realising you have the most amazing friends in the world Supportive family Cooking Prawns Sparkling water, fresh lime and lots of ice Fruit salad (finally cheaper!) Plotting Mexico trips Kindness New skin care regimes  

What has been lighting up your galaxy this week? Write your list below, ’cause we love to read them!


  1. That hot chocolate looks absolutely amazing, and what cute puppies. Lovely photos, they're all so uplifting!

    Sending light & love your way,
    My Lovelier Days


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