Meeting The Parents For The First Time - Our Tips!

The other night myself and some friends were talking about meeting our other halves parents for the first time. One of my best friends hates her inlaws (to the point of seperate Christmases) One has never met them, one doesn't remember meeting them, and so forth. Many of us have been through the 'meeting the parents' dance, and sometimes it is a fun affair, and sometimes it isn't. However whatever the guy says, to him this is a big deal. Because often men do listen to what their family says, and if Mama bear hates you? Well it's going to be an uphill battle. So after discussing it put together my fool proof plan of making it work! (I say fool proof, don't quote me on this if it still goes south!) 

Dress well but don't over do it. You actually don't want to look like you have tried so hard that it comes across as desperation, which is a very fine line. But then you also don't want to come across like you haven't tried at all. Keep it simple, without showing too much flesh, keep it classy without being boring you catching my drift? It's the same with when it comes to helping out in the kitchen. I know my mum hates it when people try and take over in there, so this is a big no no. Ask to help sooner rather than later – makes it look like you are willing to help out, without coming across as pushy. It's also a good chance to have some one on one time with the females (stereotypes ahoy!) as well, which means they will bond with you and if you hit it off? They will be crushed if you ever break up.

You know all those quotes that exist on the internet about first impressions? It's because that shit is important! You don't have to nail it, you just don't want to fuck it up. If you are brash and loud, he may love this – they may not – tone that shit down. DO NOT get drunk, it is not the time or the place for this. If you say or do one wrong thing this first weekend it can ruin you, you are being judged this weekend, future visits things will probably calm down and be easier – this one? No everything you say and do is being judged so be on your best behaviour!

Siblings, the sister is normally the one you really have to win over (doesn't have one?) you're in luck! Siblings are much more likely to know about your relationship, the real life happenings, not the sugar coated part you tell your parents. If they don't like you? Well just got with it to be honest, sucking up is not the way to go here. It's the same with presents, you want to take something with you (don't go without any gift) but also don't over do it – because sometimes doing too much is just as bad as doing not enough. Chocolates and flowers are the normal winners here – or a middle of the road bottle of wine. 

When it comes down to it, be yourself even if that’s a toned down version of yourself for a few hours. If you fail, you will fail on your own terms, and if his family doesn't accept you for who you are? you're probably in the wrong place to begin with.

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