Why Does Facebook Suck?

 I have always been one of those rare creatures that doesn't and never really has used facebook. My personal account is only there because I use it for the Wonderland Clothing page, and to be honest I probably only know around 5 people IRL on my friends list (I get a lot of random adds and have no idea who they are!) However, over the weekend I was talking to my friends (noticing a pattern of blog posts here!) anyway we all decided that the following were the most annoying things about facebook. 

  Little Alfie did a #2 in the big boy potty last night. 

I have to say that sharing this kind of information with people on facebook is just not necessary. I do not care that your child has taken a shit for the first time. People on twitter don't do this, so why do people on facebook? I find it even crazier that since I barely know people on my friends list, I still get to see these updates - so adding randoms and sharing this information just seems insane to me! Leave this kind of stuff for at home, only.  

The people with perfect lives. 

You know the ones I mean, they basically have the greatest lives in the whole wide world, everything is so great and they must tell you this throughout the day. Nothing ever goes wrong, social life, work life, everything is great! They tend to have 'cheeky' glasses of wine, feel 'blessed' and call their significant other 'hubby' etc. Enough, if life was that great you wouldn't need to tell the world. 

The Gym Bunnies

I honestly don't understand why people feel the need to share this information with people, I really don't. When I go to the gym (which is sometimes, aherm well never) I am feeling sweaty, unattractive, hungry and do not feel the need to tell 800 people I am there. I don't care if you go to the gym, anymore than I care if you go to the supermarket. So stop it. 

Facebook Hashtaggers

It's for twitter, not for facebook. Leave it at that. 
My Life is Over

As fun as it is to watch people air out their dirty laundry on facebook, and basically beg for attention and sympathy posts etc I just cannot deal with it. I am sorry your baby daddy left you for your dads best friends gay uncle, but I also don't really care. 

Facebook Relationships. 
Publicising completely private moments gives me the creeps. Quit bragging and go hang out with each other... in person.

 Facebook Chat

Pretty much letting creepy men talk to you, and not taking a hint. Honestly some of the messages I get are literally insane. 

On that final note, this is why I am sticking to twitter! I tweet over at @oxWonderland - if you tweet leave your handle in the comments!



  1. Amazing post!!!



  2. lovely blog :)

  3. gym bunnies are so bad on instagram. please stop. how do you look 21 you're 14 I never even thought about the gym at that age please

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