Rock The January Sales, Like A Pro!

Although many people take part in Black Friday and Cyber Monday, The January sales are also a lot of fun (and for me, the sales event I like to do in person, like not online (yes actually leave my house!) Over the years I have managed to come up with a few tips to get the most our of the sales (whilst remaining dignified, we are not wild animals ladies - and fighting over a cashmere top? well that's just not very chic is it?

You can try items on pre sale - that way you know what fits, what size, and what you like (a lot of sales mean exchange or credit note only, so be sure you know what you want/need. Sounds silly but get acquainted with the store layout - that way you can get to the items, and areas you want quickly. Be friend and be nice to sales assistants (I became friendly with an Urban Outfitters assistant when I was at University and she would 'hide' items out back for me, until I came in. They are your friends, they will be tired, angry, and annoyed so place nice and get in their good books! 

One the day of your sale hunting, there is no time for friends. Go alone, stay focused, there is no time for indecision! Have you a particular piece in mind? the perfect jacket? If you are after something specific - get there early, go there first, find item, check reduction, and purchase. I sometimes do this online though if I want something specific. But many stores on the high street will do bigger discounts in the actual stores (to tempt you in!) 

Do not try stuff on in sales, buy what you planned to buy, this is not the time to think 'I am totally going to lose 3 stones so that floral mini dress will be an investment' it won't, don't buy just because it is cheap! Department stores sales are worth watching. For example Harvey Nicks will reduce things up to 4 times after the sales have started, but that really is a test of nerve and will. Expensive shoe brands such as Manolo Blahnik? it is only worth going on the first day, and in reality being in the first ten. This means swallowing your pride and really going for it.

Another thing I have done a couple of times is find out where the sales are in other fashion capitols (Paris, Milan, New York) Plan a trip there, to coincide with the dates, and get bargains that only the locals would know the value of.

Remember the trick of sales is to know what you want, your size, and what suits you. Chances are that if there is whole rail of red velvet cullotes that have been unpurchased, it's for a reason - there is a lot of crap that looks good on no one.

Do you have any sales tips?


  1. haha great tips! of course they want us to 'BUY ALL THE THINGS' but i'm on to them. I'm hoping i stay strong in the Jan sales! ;)


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