The Art Of Being Single

Over the past ten years, I always had a man by my side. I was always in a relationship. It was always just the way it was, and suddenly I have found myself single. The break up? was messy, it hurt, and I was suddenly very alone. Why am I now alone? What will I do? How do I do things by myself? It sounds pathetic but I had never been alone. But the reality is I am my own person, and if I can’t enjoy being single, how can I enjoy being with someone else? So here are some thing I have learnt, and realised and why you shouldn’t be afraid to be singe - trust me being with the wrong person? is so much worse.

Being single, gives you time to be with yourself, by yourself. Finally some me time. This is the time to reconnect with myself, a time where I can talk to myself, debating all the questions and answers that are bouncing in my head.  This is the time of reflection. This is the time of acceptance and letting go, which brings me to the second point…

If you don’t let go of the past, you will never appreciate the present. Yes I have fond memories of my ex, but that was in the past. I know I will always cherish those memories, but I need to stop clinging to them to live for today and plan for tomorrow. Buddha said every day you are born again—that means new experiences and adventures for today!

It’s only after you have lost everything that you are free to find out what you were missing. Now that I’m single, I have an opportunity to do all the things I put off while I was putting all my energy into my relationships. I have to believe that I will eventually have the things I lost, but for now I’m taking this time to enjoy myself and complete myself. Also change can sometimes be good.  My heart has been bashed, bruised and broken. But I don’t feel traumatised, and I know I will love again. Hopefully the next someone will treasure and treat my heart with love and respect. Staying open to love isn’t just about attracting a new relationship; it’s about being open to life.

Even if you’re single, you still have so much to appreciate.
“Being single is not the end of the world,” a friend said to me. She continued by saying “There are other problems that are more depressing than being single—hunger and homelessness, for instance.”This felt like a slap in the face to wake me up. It reminded me that even with a broken heart, I am still standing. I’m still breathing. There are still so many possibilities for me.

You’re not alone when you’re single; you still have family and good friends.
I am lucky to have a supportive mother and sister and friends. They are my sanity—my light. Spending time with them relaxes me in a way. I’m also fortunate to have wonderfully good friends who are always there with open arms, ready to listen and support me. I know for sure I can always share my happiness and sorrow with them. I can always depend on them without feeling the slightest bit of guilt. And now that I’m single, I have even more time to devote to being there for them.

Being single is a call to focus on yourself. Sometimes being in a relationship can make you lazy about developing yourself. You can get so comfortable that your goals take a back seat. When you’re single, it prompts you to look deep inside yourself and identify the person you really want to be—whether you’re in a relationship or not.  Something better will come your way if you’re open to it.

I found a lovely quote through twitter, “To see a rainbow, one has to pass a storm.” When something bad happens, we tend to concentrate on the negatives, forgetting that there must be something positive hidden somewhere in the havoc. You will know happiness in the future—and in the present, if you’re open to it.

Life is a balance. When there is darkness there will be light.
I believe that everything in life is a process. When something dramatic and fast hits us, it will take time to process it and start over.
I am starting over. As a newbie in singlehood I still have a lot to learn, understand, and explore. I sometimes need to be reminded to be grateful for what I have. As we all know, these words are easier said than practiced. So I hold onto one important idea that I’d like to leave you with:

Change comes from within. You alone have to decide if you want that change.


  1. Hey your blog is so cool! Would you like to follow each other? LEt me know on my blog! xx

  2. Sorry to hear about the break up but I am so so happy for you that you're on the road to recovery! I've had 2 breakups in my life, both long term relationships. The first one broke me into a million pieces and it took me a year to get over him. The second one wasn't so bad and since then I have been single now for nearly a year and a half and have enjoyed just being on my own and doing my own little thing without the worry of a man in my life! This is a great post and will inspire so many women to feel happy about being single :)
    Ashleigh |

    1. thanks beaut, and also glad you're doing well!


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