Gratituesday 120 - Coffee Dates and Fresh Flowers!

Another week over, cannot believe it is the middle of March already! So many things going on at the moment, but that's never a bad thing! Lets get our gratitude on shall we? 

This quote is awesome and true

 These amazing bottles

 Another fab quote


Swishy hair

 Be great

This amazing gif.

Little Things...

Amazing friends who always cheer you up Coffee dates, and catching up and really making progress Seeing old friends by accident New Stock which is beautiful Not following the crowd and doing your own thing The mystical coon Walks Friendly people baby kicks Having fresh flowers fill the house good vibes Blue Skies bubble guns cow boy boots SALADS  

What is filling you with joy this week?


  1. Love this, such a gorgeous blog! x

  2. Those bottles are AMAZING thats enough persuasion for me to want shelving in my bedroom for pretty things like this and I would love long pink candy floss hair so much, swoon xx

    1. you would look amazing with candy hair!

  3. Hey!
    Are those bottles yours?

  4. That cat at the end! :') x

  5. I need to remember that negative thoughts quote! It's all about being positive. <3

    Tara x

  6. Love your quotes ♥

    The cat gif is so cute.


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