Gratituesday - Spring and Friends!

It's been a while since we have done a gratituesday, so thought it was about time we brought it back! It's been tough couple of weeks here, but sometimes that is exactly when you should write down what you are grateful and thankful for! So here we go...

No it isn't Christmas, but Salem - ALWAYS


Cute drawings

Happy Dogs

Cute bikes

I find this much funnier than I should

A necklace I need

This kids advice is spot on. 

Little Things...

Sunshine! Walking in the fresh air (forcing yourself out and blasting loud songs makes everything better) Trusting the process Having amazing friends (Natasha I am looking at you) Lovely emails   Charming new people   Culling out the bad seeds   Making plans   SPRING!   Making positive changes   Fajita dates with gorgeous friends   Laughing at dating mistakes   'he spelt cousin 'cussin' it was time to end it   Friendly animals   fluffy dogs   cloudy lemonade   days drawing out.... 

So of course I’d love to hear what’s making you really happy this week!?


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