Our Tips For Air Travel

If you are being totally jet set and crossing times zones, it will catch up with you sooner or later. Avoid caffeine, and alcohol, food you cannot identify, and try to adapt to the time zone you are heading to as soon as possible. 

If you are travelling west it is best to arrive in the late afternoon then it is not too long until bedtime, and you will be fresh when you rise. If you are travelling east they try to arrive in the morning. Take the night flight, watch one movie and then lights out. Wake up when you land, and arrive in sunlight. Don't give in to the desire to nap as it will send your body clock into chaos. If you can't sleep on the plane put on some soft calming music and shut your eyes to drown out the sound of engine noise and screaming children - rest is better than nothing. 

If you view a flight from London to New York as the equivalent time of watching two films and flicking through your favourite glossy mag the whole thing seems much more doable. If you have been on a long haul flight and want to remain stylist, well have a stylish handbag, don dark glasses, and pop on your heels and shimmy! 



  1. What a lovely saying in the first picture, completely agree! I love love love to measure flight time by the movies duration! Makes it so much more fun!


  2. I love these tips, though I've found that I have to drink to fall asleep on a plane. Which sucks a bit. I do watch more films when I don't sleep though!

    1. See I just can't sleep for some reason! urgh

  3. Good tips, especially the dark glasses! I can never sleep on planes and the glasses really help to hide that tired look when you land!

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