Gratituesday - Babies and Birthdays!

The Summer might officially have started, but it still seems like it's trying to come through here in the UK! How are you all? and what is on your gratitude list this week?

This dreamy outfit.

Fresh flowers

This never gets old, the youtubes are amazing.

This puppy is so excited about water!

 Super cute puppy.

Cats in socks.


Little Things...

  Sea, salt, and sand Babies (seriously they smell delicious!) Fresh flowers New Phones (That I do not understand) Supportive and loving friends Being make up free Baths Mashed Potato Filofax organisation Netflix binges (want to get to lost? do it) Mulberry body butter Plum anything Sunshine Planning Trips S/S 16 Wonderland Line (we just saw the samples they are crazy cool!) Unexpected yet nice messages Birthdays (sharing with your best friend is always good) Old school Rock & Roll Early mornings late nights


  1. Oh, I want all cute things in the world! We tried to adopt kitty, but the owner ended up never called us. I'm pretty sad. Thanks for the cutest post!

  2. Love this post! Was fun to read :)

    Yousra | Mystic Tales

  3. OMG these pets are adorable! Amazing post!


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