Our Travel Tips!

How you travel is surely up to you, but you will obviously be doing it in style! However that is not dependent on whether you travel first class, or having the latest Vuitton luggage, although most obviously help! 

So what will your travel choice be? The most uncomfortable? the tandem bike, then there is the most expensive - a private jet; the most romantic? the gondola; the most environmentally friendly - a glider or a sail boat. The decision is yours. There is always a car, coach and train, but why not jazz things up and look at a trip on the Orient Express, the Trans-Siberian Railway, or take the Eurostar. Sailing encompasses everything from canoes to cruises. Then of course there is flying, how about a private helicopter or a hot air balloon? Horse drawn carriages, elephants and camels are also options, but they are rather slow and have limited on board entertainment. 

Now lets be fair the chances are you will be travelling by plane, and our travel tips mostly cover the airport! It is essential to arrive early at the airport, not only does it give you time to do all the necessary check-in and security rituals, but the early bird does baggeth the best seats. 

Upgrading is not an every day occurance but it is more frequent that winning the lottery. It is at the discretion of those behind the counter who gets the bulkhead and who gets the seat next to the toilets. (However with online booking you can also request seats so the early bird does get the worm!) Smile, remember that happiness is mainly dependent on the mood of the person at the check in desk, rather than the number of seats sold on the flight. Dress smartly, but not so smartly you look try hard and will be uncomfortable. 

In economy the best seats are those next to the emergency exists, as they often have more leg room, although they can be colder. On long haul flights opt for the middle section at the front of the plane, as this is where the fold down area for travel cots and tots is and so there's a bit of extra room. The downside is that a screaming infant might be brought on to use the area. But if you have to be ousted to make room for the travel cot, there's a chance you could be upgraded. 

Try hard to have compact hand luggage. Take a rich heavy moisturiser (well buy one at duty free - remember liquids are now banned)  Face spray (same rules apply) a bunch of magaznes, note book, phone (obviously!) and a thick pair of socks. If you are smartly dressed for the airport then take something comfy to change into. Don't underestimate what can be found at duty free, and at great prices. (Just be aware on the restrictions - although they are secure and go through the checkpoints - some countries have rules on arrival so make sure you check them, it's pointless spending lots of Chanel No. 5 to then only get it confiscated at the other end!) 

For more advice on inflight travel check our flight tips! 

Do you have any travel tips?



  1. compact hand luggage is very important...you never know when something can get lost:)

    thank you for sharing your travel tips. I don't have an opportunity to travel so I don't have much to share...have a lovely day!


  2. I love your tips. If I could fly private or first class every time, you bet I'd be doing it! I love sitting next to the window so I can peer out and watch clouds, but on long haul flights it's not a great idea. The middle is definitely best since you don't have to worry about someone needing to go to the toilet every 10 minutes



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