Secret Scrubber From The Sea!

I recently discovered something pretty amazing, and today I want to share the little secret with you. It’s a beauty secret; one that’s all natural, unique, and straight from the sea.

 Mermaid Scrubbers. Have you heard of these things? One of my beauty blogging girlfriends encouraged me to try them out. At first I had no idea what she meant when she said “mermaid scrubber”, but I mean, if the word ‘mermaid’ pops up in the company of natural beauty products, I’m immediately interested.

The scrubbers are actually natural seaweed that’s been dried and packaged up to lend it’s magic to the skin. Gigartina Red Marine Algae is a type of seaweed harvested in the waters of Mendocino County, CA. It’s dark green in colour, and almost feels like coral to the touch. When met with water, the algae softens up and releases an all-natural gel that cleanses and nourishes the skin. The scrubbers can be used on multiple parts of the body, and in addition to exfoliating and toning the face, the gel released by the scrubbers is perfect for shaving. Each package of Mermaid Scrubbers comes with 6 dried pieces of the algae, and one of the best parts is how affordable it is… less than $10 for a package, and they’re reusable! and they ship to the UK! 

I strongly urge you to try them out!


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