Macro Monday: 174!

Hope your hangover isn't too severe this Bank Holiday Monday! (if you're not in the UK hope Monday is treating you kindly!) 

Anyway! it's Macro Monday time!

 A saying we should all say more often.

 This is very annoying.

 Poor mermaid.


 mean girls references always


 lol true

supermarket feels

very true


 I would agree and would be in the left.

 no Carl!

 all the time!


I would donate

 me too.

 Have a good week!


  1. HAHAHA ffs the kim k outfits are so gross they truly do need some sluttier ones! and woohoo to Lindsay, congrats gal. ;) xxx

  2. que gracioso, la sirena llorando en la pescaderia, jajaja


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