Fashion Friday - Slogan Tees!

This week we are all about slogan tees! So here are our favourites, do you like rocking a slogan tee? 

Need this one!

Summer goals

Love this subtle statement

Yes to this!

Too cute

Make a real statement!

 Heart on your sleeve.

Seen everywhere this rat and boa one!

Would you rock any of these?



  1. I'm loving slogan tees at the moment! Pull & Bear and Monki have some great ones!

  2. Looks so cute!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Gil Zetbase

  3. I love these, I've stared buying some quirky tees like this though I tend to go for cheap ones I find randomly. That first one I would buy especially after my uber driver last week was playing some amazing 90s R&B

  4. Great selection! xx
    IG: @tiateilli

  5. Absolutely agree with "If the love doesn't feel like 90's R&B I don't want it." And LOL at "wutever I'll just date myself."

  6. Love them all.

  7. Slogan tees are so fun I love the shenanigans one!
    Have a Stylin' Day!
    Much Love, Karen

  8. Thank you for comment me I follow you now on gfc and h+ if you want I'm waiting you back

  9. Questo genere di tshirt mi fa impazzire
    Grandissimo post
    Un bacio


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