Gratituesday - Spring is Coming!

This Winter needs to be done! If we could have one week of snow (not slush, I mean full on snow) then I would be happy! Then we can forget the rest of Winter and hit Spring (the best!) Happy Valentines day to you all, whether you be a big fan, think it's too commercial, it's the best day to share love with anyone and everyone! Here are a few things we are grateful for this week: 

Pretty outfits.

Gorgeous art


This photo. 

Delicate tattoos.

 Vintage cartoons.

Planning holidays.

Little Things...

  Batch cooking (saves so much time!) Blackened Tuna obsession PANCAKES Cosy Hoodies New friends The Girl on the Train (late to the party but sooo good) Fibre one lemon drizzle cake (yummy and so low in fat!) Picking Prints Rediscovering tiger balm Puppy Cuddles Planning surprises Fresh Flowers 

I want to hear the best parts of your week… So please indulge me!


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