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I’ve been like a magpie since birth, loving all things pretty and shiny. Then as I grow up I began to travel more and more, never happier than when I have my home on my back in the form of a backpack, dirty feet from walking everywhere without shoes and my freckles develop out of nowhere and cover me head to toe. As I travelled I picked up more bits and pieces along my way, lapis lazuli bangle in Hampi, India, moonstone ring in Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka, turquoise and onyx bangle in Bangkok, Thailand, shell bracelets in Gili Trawagan, Indonesia, brass and coral earrings in Hanoi, Vietnam, brass Ganesh necklace in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India and the list goes on and on. It got to the point of every city, town, village I went to I had to pick up a piece of jewellery as a token whether it small or big, cheap or expensive, Then I came home.... all my favourite styles of jewellery were either well out of my price range or on the other side of the world far out of my reach and so I created Ohm Boho. 
I absolutely adore everything on the Ohmboho site and if I could I would have the whole lot on there. Not only is everything beautiful but the site is set out in such a simple yet lovely way. I found it really easy to style these pieces because 90% of my clothes go so easily with this boho style!

As some of you may notice I love the colour green, so here are two of my favourite rings making this pretty obvious! I’ve got relatively small hands and even the smallest ring sizes I sometimes order are still too big. These rings are both easily adjustable so you can mix and match which fingers you want to wear them on with all your other jewellery too.


So, heres my most favourite item on the whole site:

This necklace compliments every item of clothing I own! If you have a simple outfit on that you want to dress up this instantly makes a statement. Or if you have an outfit with a lot of patterns and textures this will go perfectly.
I decided to wear organic shades to go with this beauty:

Swing Dress With Crochet Sleeves in Green by Glamorous
Tile Print Kimono With Tassel Trim by Glamorous
Rain Check Ankle Boots by Asos

Be sure to check them out by clicking on the links above or by clicking here!

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