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OOTO stands for ‘Out Of The Ordinary’. Its extraordinary designs for the hard workers and grafters of society who embrace their wild side in their working hours and on weekends. They stand for the risk takers, money makers and rule breakers.

The versatility of most of these stunning pieces enables the OOTO girl to incorporate them into the many sides of her personality and lifestyle; OOTO do this by making every piece extremely comfortable and easy to wear. The idea is that the clothing isn’t just for festivals, but can also be worn over a pair of jeans or thrown on to brighten up your work outfit.  It’s about looking out of the ordinary from average outfits you see in the work environment.

I asked OOTO’s creature to give me a little information about herself and how the company came together:

My name is Corrie Davies I’m 25 and I am the designer and sole owner of my brand OOTO Clothing based in London but I’m always creating and designing as I go. Its one of the best aspects of working for yourself. I was feeling extremely restricted in the normal day-to-day of London life so in 2012 I set out on a nomadic adventure to feel inspired again. I was away for two years, travelling through Asia, India, Indonesia and Australia. During that time I was inspired by all of the fabrics, bold prints and colours, this pushed me to create my own collection that reflected my lifestyle.  So I went back to Indonesia in January 2014 this year and got my first collection made.

I take inspiration from everywhere and travel is a big part of it. I don't create designs that I think people would buy, but things that I love and would get a lot of use out of. I also take a lot of inspiration from my own wardrobe, tweaking and changing things here and there from designs of the 70s and 90s, one of which is my wide legged ‘
wideboy pantsinspired by the 90s baggy trouser look. I believe in uniqueness and think there shouldn't be a uniform in the way people dress, it's an expression and it’s about looking different - don't be afraid to try something new and out of the ordinary to your normal style. I also believe in supporting small home factories and having a great relationship with them, this helps me and helps them in growing their business and supporting their local communities.”

I want to get more creative with my designs and push the boundaries with bolder and more colourful designs, I’m planning a trip back to Bali in January to work with some other creatives, do lots of photoshoots whilst working on improving my website and preparing for next years UK festivals where I will be having a clothing stall.”

Hello beautiful people its Pixie again! So how awesome is Corrie? Not only is she an incredible designer she’s also an absolute sweatheart.

Anyway back to clothes, when I came across OOTO Clothing I instantly fell in love with the ‘My Patch Black Dungarees. These were an instant want because they make you stand out, easy to style with everyday clothes and so so comfy. What I love most about them is I can just put them on with no thought and feel comfortable and confident. Being a mama this is a time saver thats really appreciated!

Patch Work Dungarees by OOTO, Oxblood Docs, Throw by Wonderland Clothing 

This wouldn’t have been styled by me if there wasn’t any pretty hippy jewellery too..

  Clear Crystal ring Empty casket
Moonstone ring Lost At Sea Jewellery
Blue stone shield ring Urban Angel
Moonchild shield ring & Citrine ring Luminoire 
Now, when you stalk the OOTO site you’ll see a stunning collection of kimonos. I’ll probably end up purchasing them all but here's my first one!

This kimono is so easy to style up, just like pretty much everything on the OOTO site you can dress anything up or have it as casual as you like and still look great.
  Here I’ve teamed this Paisley Kimono with:
Black Maxi Skirt from Asos
Black heeled buckle up boots from Riverisland
Black oversized lace tee from Asos

Wrapped quartz choker on vegan friendly cord
both from Luminoire

Om, Buddha & Clear Crystal Quartz triple layered necklace from


  1. I love the idea of embracing our wild side!!we must live life to the fullest...

    OOTO is such an amazing concept and a great name for this emerging brand.. I wish them all the luck in the world...

  2. Great looks! I love the kimono and the color on your nails! :)

  3. Just randomly found your blog! Glad i did.. just started following you


  4. Love the styles in these photos!

  5. Great looks, girl. Love the one with the patchwork overall the most, just pure beautiful. The nail polish color is awesome, Lovely blog here btw! Would you like to follow each other on GFC? Please let me know on my blog so I can follow back. Thank you.

  6. Thanks so much for your comment bb! Ugh I love her hair and that whole scruffiness of it all. So good xx


  7. Awesome dungarees! I love all of things from OOTO, everything looks just amazing! :)

    my blog- ultradefensless

  8. Great photos ;)

    Thanks for your comment ;)



  9. Love your style! so cool :D



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