Everyone has a favorite band, or bands in most cases. They hold the most played songs on your iPod, you'd sell your first child for front row tickets (not literally though...I hope), and you could sing the lyrics in your sleep. So odds are, you have a few band tees too. Today's post is all about styling them, with inspiration to follow of course. But I'm not talking just your regular jeans, shirt and converse combo, nor will I make you re-live your "scene" (or "emo") days either, because that's just cringe-worthy, well, in my case anyways (but I'm sure you had awesome hair if that's any constellation). Just a head's up though, be prepared for an overdose of 80s and 90s band tees, I don't do that new-age pop and boy band thing (not bashing them or anything, just not my thing), I'll have my Skid Row and Backstreet Boys just the way I like them: loud and loud. Most of these will be vintage tees though, because what's better than a worn in, slightly distressed shirt that makes you look rockin'? (pun fully intended).

I love all three of these outfits, they're all street-worthy and have some sort of quirk to them, whether it be the all white of the first outfit, the Baja inspired shorts of the second, or the polished leather jacket over a distructed tee! The first outfit is a little on the dating spectrum, being all white, and I myself a total clutch who almost always gets something on my white top or bottoms. But I love how crisp it is, but would "vintage wash" the tee and hand stretch it a little for a slouchy look because I'm more about that laid back, comfy casual chic look!
•Pink Floyd tee c/o Etsy, White Denim c/o Pull & Bear, Cutout Boots c/o Topshop•
The second outfit is one I love, it perfectly represents myself in being that it's a clash of rocker and bohemian. I often say 80s rock is my religion because I listen to it so much and if you really listen to the lyrics, it's just not all about booze, girls, girls, girls (10 point if you got that)! Like "Youth Gone Wild" by Skid Row is my anthem. But back to the outfit, I picked a print that stands out but still coordinates with the shirt itself (that rustic red color) and then paired it with an almost preppy pair of sandals and some vintage tribal jewelry to add more boho flare!
•Vintage Guns&Roses tee c/o Etsy, Coin necklace c/o H&M, Shorts c/o Free People, Sandals c/o Windsorsmith•
The last outfit I like to describe as the "polished badass biker babe". The jacket is so crisp, it almost looks wrong against the destruction of the shirt and shorts, but that's what makes it look so amazing. I also kept the (faux) leather tied in with some quilted zip boots. All that's missing is a helmet and a kickass bike and your ready to set off around town and turn heads walking down the streets!
•Distressed Iron Maiden tee c/o Christien Benner Customs, Faux Leather Jacket c/o Forever 21, Shorts c/o One Teaspoon, River Island boots•

T-Rex by the way, for those who don't know, are a British band, we're not talking about dinos here haha. 
It's funny though because both of these outfits have a Soutern feel to them, even though T-Rex is from England and MC from good old L.A.! And I honestly like both of these for festival outfits (like for SXSW in Texas), they're both casual enough to not get in your way while walking around all day, but still eye-catching and have character! 
The first one caters to your darker side, with black being a main theme in all three pieces from the top (that's been hand bleached), to the shorts, and the sandals too. Another reason I like this outfit for fetivals is that the sandals are comfy enough to walk in but also won't be skidding off every 5 minutes so no one can flat heel you! The shirt is also a great conversation piece as well!
• T-Rex tee c/o Christian Benner Customs, Shorts c/o Etsy, Sandals c/o Ann Demeulemeester•
I love me some old school MC, and I also love me some One Teaspoon, so this is a match made in heaven for me. I love how the vintage look of the tee meshes so well with the also vintage look of the shorts and then the boots are so rustic and work wonders with the itty bitty shorts. And let's be honest, you can never go wrong with a good pin up, ever ;)
• Motley Crüe tee c/o Etsy, Shorts c/o One Teaspoon, Boots c/o Thirteen Vintage•

Starting now but I'm going to be doing something different with Fashion Friday to get readers more involved in a fun way! You see that "Brand New" band tee in the frame? I challenge you to tell me how YOU would style it! I chose this shirt to be the one because it has a bit of a challenge, where the other tees are loose and pretty slouchy, this is a more fitted unisex shirt (like most of the band tees within Hot Topic are). You can write it out, you can make a Polyvore set, do whatever you'd like! It would be cool if we could turn this into a thing, I'd have to talk to Em. But if it did, I was thinking maybe whoever styled it best would WIN the item in question? What do you loves think?? No promises yet, but I think it'd be something new and cool!

And in case you're still feeling stumped, here's some inspirational images of rad chicks in rad band tees!

( love the pairing with a bodycon skirt! so urban edge. )

( all images via Pinterest )

Other ways to wear your band tee? With a maxi dress, a skort, printed leggings, preppy shorts, or if it's long enough, wear it as a dress (my favorite thing to do being only 4'11"!). Itching for a DIY? Cut the main image from a tee and sew or safety pin it to a distressed denim jacket or a leather jacket!

So who is your favorite band, or even a few of them? Here's my list (extremely shortened by the way, for your ease haha): Skid Row, Whitesnake, Bon Jovi, Kiss, Brand New, My Chemical Romance, N*Sync, ONE OK ROCK (J-Rock band), -ballet suits of all kinds-, Metallica, Britney Spears, Being As An Ocean, Green Day, The White Stripes, Mumford & Sons, and the list goes on and on and on....and on!

love and light ♥


  1. nice post. some really great pieces here
    thanks for sharing

  2. You can't beat a good band tee! I also love the One Teaspoon denim shorts. ♥

    Tara x

  3. i have always wanting band tees anyway like the way you styled it, totally rocks! xx

    cracked me up


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