Some festivals have already happened ( like in the US, SXSW was held about a week ago ), but there are still MANY ahead of us, for both the States and across The Pond! While some of us are seasoned festival veterans, like myself, and some are newer to the scene. Well this post will be your ultimate guide for the festival season, covering the basics from what to bring to what to wear!

So let's begin!

People go to festivals for all sorts or reasons, some for the music, some for the atmosphere and culture, and some even go to pick up dates! But regardless, they're about having fun and enjoying yourself. Just make sure to PLEASE use common sense, and keep your wits about you as well!

These are some of the basic items you should keep on you, at any festival. If you're unsure about an item you want to bring, check your festival's website and they should have a list!
• A waterbottle ( most festivals allow you to bring 1 unopened bottle into the grounds, and will have free refilling stations ). Hydration is key! You don't want to miss your favorite artist because you've fainted from not drinking enough water in the heat! I went to Warped Tour the summer after I graduated and was constantly refilling my bottle because it was so hot and I witnessed a few people faint!
• Sunscreen! Sunscreen is a must! At least SPF 15 if not more. Sunburns are no fun and you're just upping your risk of skin cancer! If you can't bring a bottle with you, opt for sunscreen wipes, to me they're easier to carry.
• Your phone. Fully charge it the night before you leave, and make sure you have it if the festival is more than a day long! if you can, dim your screen when you're not using it to preserve battery ( I do this all the time for my iPhone and it honestly helps so much! ).
• Cash and your card. Not all vendors at festivals take the card for whatever reason. I personally make sure to bring both my card AND at least $40 cash just to be safe.
• A disposable camera....or two. I know at Warped Tour, you're NOT allowed to bring a "professional" camera ( like a Cannon with lenses and zoom ). Disposable cameras are your best bet aside from your phone, because they're cheap and you won't be completely devastated if you lose of drop it!
• Your passes/tickets. Always a must.
• Snacks. Some festivals let you bring them, some don't. Things like crackers and granola bars are good things to have. I would stay away from chocolate or soft candies due to the more than likely event of heat and melting.
• A Sharpie or permanent marker, and something to write in for autographs!
• An organized timesheet or list of bands playing and times, as well as a map of the stages and such!

Odds are you're going to be outside and in the heat at your festival of choice. So when it comes to makeup and hair: Keep it simple. Make sure your eyeliner ( if you choose to wear any, I personally stay away from eyeliner in general ) and mascara is waterproof, and that your foundation/pressed powder is matte or shine-free! You don't want your makeup sliding off your face ( I mean what if you get to meet your favorite band? ) or raccoon eyes. Makeup setters like Urban Decay will work wonders for you!

As for hair, if your hair is short ( shoulder length and up ), you should be good to go and can just style as usual. But if you're like me, long hair that's kind of thick, and a dark color on top of that: opt for an updo. It can be a simple messy bun, or something more sassy like a braided "headband"  or Princess Rolls. Sweaty, tangled hair just doesn't sound fun to me.

On another note. When I went to Warped Tour, I witnessed so much "running" hair color it wasn't even funny, I felt a little embarrassed for the girls honestly. If you want to touch up your color before the shows, DO IT A WEEK BEFOREHAND. Do it the night before and you risk it running onto your skin and staining your clothes due to the sweaty, tangled hair mentioned above!

Let's be honest, everyone loves free stuff, whether it's food or merch, so here are some tips for scoring some goods!:
• Follow your festival on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. I know with Warped Tour they send out secret codes to tell vendors and score freebies, and let you know about free food offers and such! Set up phone alerts when they post on one of the social media platforms so you don't miss out!
• You can also probably do this for your favorite vendors are the festival too!

• If you're going to a festival with "screamo" or hardcore music, know your way around a mosh pit. If you don't want to be in it, stay away, and if someone comes too close, put a fist out. A bruised hand is better than a broken nose from a the flailing arm or an angsty teen.
• Don't be rude. It's just common sense. Don't push up to the front, don't belittle other fans or act like an elitist arse.
• If someone is crowd surfing and they come towards you: so help me you better support them. I saw a girl be dropped and knocked unconscious because someone didn't feel like giving a hand. Even if you don't agree with crowd surfing, please don't be the cause of someone's injury because you're being a jerk!
• Keep an eye on your belongings! Though backpacks are the go-to for festivals, fanny packs and those little necklace pouches can be a better choice due to pickpockets. Put your money and card in your bra or shoe if you have to, and keep your backpack shut tight if you do bring one. You may even want to pick up a lock and key set for it. It may not happen, but wouldn't you rather be safe than sorry??

My favorite part of festivals, is scoping out all the fashion! Festivals usually incorporate a handful of different genres of music, you the personal style taste of the goers varies, so it's like an urban fashion show!

When dressing for a festival though, keep these points in mind:
• What's the weather called for? It is supposed to be blistering hot, or maybe even rain?
• Is your top secure? At Warped Tour the drummer for We The Kings threw his stick out into the crowd, a bunch of people fell, and so did my bikini top. No one saw thank God and I honestly didn't care because they're just boobs, but some of you may not be as laid back as I am when it comes to an accidental flash! Look into fashion tape or adhesive "bras" if you have any doubts!
• Are you over-dressing? Make sure you're dressed appropriately, you don't want to be lugging around things you can't wear anymore because it's just too hot!

I'm going to try and cover as many "personal style niches" as I can in sets and in the inspo too, so please don't virtually assault me if I seem to miss one!

Still not sure what to wear? Well here are some ladies and gents to inspire you with!

( images via Pinterest )

So tell me loves, what are your favorite festivals to hit up? Any embarrassing moments like I had? And what are your favorite looks either via this post of your own personal! Let's chat below!

Love & light,


  1. Nice blog of yours. Love the style!
    Would you like to follow each other?

    With love,

  2. Couldn't agree with this more! Great writing! :) and I love the outfits you featured


  3. I really wanna go to Coachella! And sun screen is very important!

  4. I really want to attend Coachella one day although it was very hot at Glastonbury last year, it was just freezing at night! The disposable camera idea is a really good one.

    Tara x


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