With the warmer months approaching, I'm sure you've all been daydreaming of beaches and pools and fruity drinks by the pool. Summer in general actually!

But some of us have run into a problem, we've indulged in too many warm fudgy brownies and cookies, and have been cuddling in blankets instead of keeping up any workout plans (I will confidently raise my hand in doing so, I'm eating some cookie dough ice cream as I type actually). Now not all of use need to look awesome to feel good, some of is could care less. I'm at a comfortable neural there. BUT this week's post is all about the cutest bathing suits, where to get them and which ones will help you feel and look great!

If you're trying to hide that stomach, for whatever reason, it doesn't mean you always have to opt for a one-piece! Though they may seem like the go-to, you can also try tankinis! And if it's just the middle you're worried about, not the sides, dare to try a cut out! Just make sure to use sunscreen to avoid any awkward tan lines!
Color Block 1-Piece c/o American Apparel, Bohemian Tankini c/o Victoria's Secret, Cutout One-Piece c/o Forever 21, Polka Dot Tankini c/o Fashion Union

Society can sometimes make it seem that if you're over a full C cup, it's not cool to wear a bikini, well screw them you can! You just have to look for the right cuts and even patterns if you're looking to "tame the girls". Pattern can also help you out a bunch, instead of go for a crazy zebra or cheetah/leopard, try a horizontal stripe or even chevron and polka dots that will visually make you appear smaller. But if you're look to cover them completely, a "crop top" style top will help you out! Another good thing to look for is a bra-frame top, they don't always tone you down, but they do offer batter support!
Ruched Tankini c/o Modcloth, Embroidered Bikini c/o Everything But Water, Gold Shimmer Bikini c/o Aerin Rose (both EBW & AR cater to making swimwear for the bigger busted gals!), Polka Dot Bra Frame Bikini c/o Aerie (they used to just come in the push up styles, but now they offer lightly lined frames as well! The above is Blakely, a fairly new bra, who is most similar to the Hannah style!)

I have a butt, I'll admit it, and for some people it's their pride and joy (yes, I squat), but for some not so much. So when you really want to go out but your booty issues are trying to reel you back in to watch Netflix, try these styles: skirted bottoms, boyshort styles, and ruched bottoms. While a skirted bottom mask it, a ruched bottom somehow, with the magic of styling, makes your butt appear more sculpted and just nice all together. Because who doesn't like a nice butt? The only thing you don't have to worry about are tops, you can wear whatever top you want haha.
Nautical Boyshorts c/o ASOS, Floral Skirted Bottom c/o New Look, Striped Tie-Side bottoms c/o J. Crew (these are ruched in the back if I'm not mistaken and the tie-sides actually help diminish the look of "wide" hips!), Ruffled Skirted Bottom c/o Debenhams

Some of us are just born with small frames, we either lack boobs, a butt, hips or even all three. Your trick of the trade? Illusion. You know you lack them, but they don't *winky face*. Go for details like bows, ruffles, fringe, bra frame tops also work for you (to give you a little push upstairs) and even high-waist bottoms. Ruffles and fringe on top can be used to create the look of bigger breast, while on bottom they give the illusion of a bigger butt. Also, crazy patterns work for you too!
Ombre Fringe Bikini c/o Wonderland Clothing, Ruffled Bikini c/o H&M (this bikini is super cute and SUPER CHEAP, the bottoms alone are only $5!), Fruitful Vintage-Style Bikini c/o Topshop, Tribal High-Waist Bottoms c/o River Island, Bra-Frame Leopard Bikini c/o Forever 21

No matter what your body type, your flaws or perfections, you should love your body, or at least be on the track to doing so! Once you accept that, trust me, it will take a load off your shoulders. Things like a little extra body fat or some lax muscles tone, can be taken care of with a healthy diet and some moderate exercise! (I suggest Blogilates, it's what I use!). I'm in no way saying "your body type is this so you HAVE to wear this", if you like it, wear it. I'm just trying to help you gals out a bit if you're unsure! xo

And also, I must share a gem with you for those who love a good deal. I recently discovered Thredup, an online consignment shop with designer clothing up to 90% off! I've already got 3 items, my most recent Free People top was FREE with a store credit I had! I'm not 110% sure if buyers outside of the US can order, but for those who would like, leave your email below and I'll personally send you an invite to the site and you'll get a $10 credit to use. It may not sound like a lot, but A LOT of things are under $10 on the site! They have designers like Free People, Micheal Kors, Juicy Couture, and brands like Old Navy, GAP, and Hollister or Abercrombie if you like that stuff!

Love and light!
Stephie ♥
• All social media handles: @enterbohamia

PS: Next week's post? THE ULTIMATE FESTIVAL GUIDE! And I know, I know, I already missed SXSW, but there's still plenty more!


  1. I love the polka dot tankini

  2. I have to wear ruggles on top and avoid those triangle bikins! I was thinking about getting a high waisted bikini for my holiday this year, instead of a one piece. <3

    Tara x

  3. my personal favorite is a high waisted bikini!

    xx fameliquorlove


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