Well not full blooded, but more like a 4th, but still! I'd like to thank it for my amazing natural copper/red highlights and freckles.

Some of you may go along with St. Patricks Day, and some don't. I'm one of those people who it's all fun and games until I actually get pinched. But in middle school I started wearing a green bra or panties on that day so when someone pinched me it gave me reason to deck them in the arm haha. But even if you don't go with it, it's still a good excuse to wear green! I know green isn't for everyone though, it doesn't agree with me all the way so like I said, I go for green underpinnings on the day, or some sort of green accessory (a ring, earing, etc.). But for those who can pull it off? Your in luck for today's Fashion Friday!

To the left we have The Wonderlanders' way, and to the right we have some luck of the Irish green gems you an find at a local store or website near you!

To the left, we have the "Songbird Kimono" with cute little pops of green in one of the biggest coming trends for spring: the kimono. We also have an adorable wallet that will remind you of your graduation day every time you see it ("the world is your oyster"). Now the dress isn't the "right" green, but it's still in the green family and super cute! And last but not least we also have some kick a** heels with iridescent colors to make others green with envy!
(All items available at

And on the right we start off with an easy breezy chiffon skirt from American Apparel, which is appropriately named "Blarney", and is just begging to be worn more than once! The dress is from Urban Outfitters and at a great price and color. I found the sandals on Solestruck, along with a plethora of other green zapatos, so if you're looking for some green kicks, they're your place! The crop top from Forever 21 is a great staple in itself, and also comes in a ton of more colors. And last but not least, Charlotte Russe has some cute necklaces. Since I work there as an associate and Collections Consultant, I see and sometimes unpack tons to green necklaces, rings and earrings!

Do you guys have any St. Patty's day traditions? What do you think about the whole wearing green thing and what are some of your favorite green items, either above or elsewhere? Let's start chattin'!

love and light,

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  1. Hi Stephanie!!!
    Green is really a particular color. In your propose I like very much skirt and kimono. I'm a new blogger from Italy. Here in St. Patrick is celebrated in pubs, although it is not a very significant celebration. :-(


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