10 Things You Come To Realise When Dieting

As you get older the weight is harder to keep off, it's always easier to gain (this might also be the fact that I just eat more, but shhh we don't need to discuss that!) Since embarking on a healthy eating regime the past week (I hate the word 'diet' but the end of the day that's what it is) I have come to realise a few crucial things. 

I hate (or are jealous) of people who are born with an aptitude to just eat healthy ALL the time, people who want to go to the gym, people who don't think eating an entire cheesecake to themselves is a night is normal behaviour, people who don't count 'walking to the shop' as exercise.

Being fully aware that in weak moments you would rather have a piece of pizza than have sex.

The amount of sheer self-hatred you have when you are on the treadmill…trying to burn off that piece of cake.

Salad really kind of sucks, no matter how much you tell yourself you like it.

Diets would be so much easier if alcohol had no calories.

The fact that NOTHING is instant…It’s the whole “marathon not a sprint” thing. I’d really rather just lose the twenty pounds by tomorrow, thanks.

Way too many things revolve around food, birthdays…events…seasons…tell me you haven’t been salivating thinking about Summer BBQ's and Cocktails lately?

Healthy food is a shit ton more money than the bad stuff. You step into a healthy  food store and your bank account is immediately down a fifty pounds.

Diets literally just suck. There is absolutely nothing fun about watching your friends eat good food when you’re pretending your “fist size” portion of chicken is doing it for you, OR the fact that you know exactly how many calories are in a margarita. If we can put men on the moon and make cameras the size of peanuts- then we can probably figure out a way to just VOID out calories we consume, no?


  1. They REALLY do suck. I've never been to the gym and when I'm around people who go to the gym almost every day, I instantly feel like a fatty. Hmpf!

    Tara x

    My summer body isn't going to come easily this year, I can tell.


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