Macro Monday 113

Macro Monday is here (Happy Memorial Day US friends, and another day off for us Brits!) But think this is the last one until August so enjoy it! Anyway need a laugh? here we go!

 Tree Stars yea!

 I think you need to work on your Maths dear.

This makes me laugh so much.

He is a goose!


Leo Gifs always.

 There are penguins running after butterflies. I am done.

 This is me if I was a grandpa with my cat.

 Dogs on a dinosaur ride.

My life will be complete once I do this. 

Have a gorgeous week guys!


  1. Haha! The snap of those dogs on the dinosaur. <3


  2. Ahhh, that Land Before Time one! That's so bizarre - I just read a post on another blog with a Land Before Time reference, too! :)


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