Gratituesday 109

What is on your gratitude list this week? 

Pretty sparkly shoes - enchanting!

 Know I shouldn't but coffee and a cigarette are by favourite things in the morning.

This is brilliant. 

Champagne and Strawberries

 This lift is hilarious.

Friends last episode is over 10 years old now - but still timeless! 

 Sometimes I think I might actually be Alan

 Super cute Koala.


Little Things...

♥ Fun photoshoots ♥ Working out and remembering how good it feels! ♥ Eurovision ♥ More importantly Twitter talk during Eurovison ♥ Finding amazing stockists and planning show room visits ♥ Writing to do lists ♥  Finding old photos ♥ Coffee dates with my best friend ♥ Friends who do favours for you ♥ The bird and the bee ♥ The amazing yellow bomber jacket ♥ pimms ♥ meetings with purpose ♥ planning spa days ♥ skype dates ♥ Netflix always ♥ Plans, Plans, Plans ♥ Big mugs of coffee 


  1. oh gosh! love those shimmering heels :)

  2. Alan is everyone's fave character! ;)

    Tara x


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