Why The 90's Were Awesome

Being a child of the nineties (I sported many a pair of spice girls shoes back in '96, I am loving the revival.) But more so it has made me nostalgic for some awesome memories of the decade! So here I have compiled my favourites! 

My mum would never buy me and actual Tamogotchi, so I had to have the cheaper version. I still remember when they got banned from school, and people used to hide them in their lockers. It was a full on obsession!

If you wanted to get the boys attention, it was none of this Miss Dior malarky it was all about Exclamation. I used to smother (literally) myself in the stuff!

Saved by the bell was the only show I was obsessed with, I also loved California dreams? remember that one?

The decade of the Care Bear (well following on from the 80's) I loved the TV show, and had about a billion of this stuffed bad boys. 

I was 12 when the Spice Girls launched in '96 and was a full on Obsessive. 

I also had a lot of love for these hunks. 

My Little Ponies were my life at one point, I had hundreds of them. 

Swiss Roll, the dessert of champions (and kids parties) 

Buffalo Trainers (I owned a pair and was obsessed) 

Another toy of the decade! 

It was plastic tat fantastic, but it was awesome. 


  1. I had all the Polly Pockets! They would never sell those now, the pieces were small enough to fit up a kid's nose.

  2. Basically YES to everything in this post hahaha. I'm pretty sure I had a Giga Pet too!

    Tara x

  3. I still have the 80s care bears and polly pockets, they are so awesome! x


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