Gratituesday 108

Lets get straight down to business, what are you grateful for today? Here is what we are thankful for, and loving this week! 

This song is awesome, this gif set is awesome (I always post it when it's May!) and it's nearly May which is awesome! 

Listening to Elvis Presley records. 

Slouchy Socks 

Instant Photos 

This is super cute. 

Swimming in the rain. 

Cute little bunny eating!

This amazing save.

Acts of trust. 

Roses in bloom. 

Little Things...

♥ Planning coffee dates with cute tattooed Mama models ♥ Spending days with my best friends and their kids ♥ Sunshine (always) ♥ Planning my 30th birthday outfit  ♥ 'They named their kid what?!' ♥ Having a rough week and knowing you have the best support system ♥ Helping people out, with no gain whatsoever but gratitude yourself (nice feeling!) ♥ reconnecting with old friends ♥ fresh flowers ♥ days in bed with just Dexter (finished it all - boo!) ♥ chicken stirfry ♥surprising phone-calls ♥bagels ♥hot pink nails ♥ fake tan - needed! ♥Hello by Lionel Riche (the video just gives me lols for days ♥people with good manners ♥ 

Okay then gorgeous, how about you? What made you do a little jig of glee this week?


  1. haha cute post!


  2. That's what I have been impatiently waiting for. May!

    Ryli :) <--- GIVEAWAY on NOW!

  3. Honeyyyy.... thats great picks! looooove the definition of love by kids.. love everything here!!! Great post!

  4. Nice photos ;) thanks for your comment ;) xo


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