Gratituesday 111

So much to be thankful for this week! Turning 30 was a milestone for me, but it also filled me with renewed enthusiasm, excitement and a zest for everything!

These slides, I would still rock them like anyone’s business.

 Sequin cat purses?!

This image of a cat!



 This gif.

This very happy dog.

Little Things...

Travelling plans - Spain, LA, Bali - with my favourite girl We are just like Nicole and Paris you know? My friends who took me out to the most amazing birthday dinner 'She's my life! you're my lover!' Swearing children Chinese food Bootcamp Bitches Selfies from cute boys Hot bartenders Cocktails My family for making my birthday amazing Long hikes Animals Starting healthy eating Committing to staying in and saving for future adventures Writing poetry Strawberries (namely huge boxes of them for just four pounds! Connecting with lots of creative people - good for the soul I tell you! Photoshoots and Wonderlands Relaunch!

What's turning your light on this week?

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  1. lovely insp shots!! Cute bloggy babe! xoxo



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