Welcome one and all to the first ever Fashion Friday post on The Wonderlanders' blog! I'm Stephanie, and I'll be your hostess for today and the remainder of Fridays on the blog. I'll be showcasing to you the latest trends, outfit inspirations and all that good, fashion-related jazz! Also, as a blogger on a budget myself, it will be my goal to give you complete outfits with each piece being under $100 (USD), any item I do post that is over that amount (because sometimes you do have to treat yourself for simply being awesome by splurging!) will be highlighted in red.

With today being the 7th, a straight week away from Valentine's Day, MJ and myself thought it'd be a great opening post by spotlighting some date night looks for the big day! So before I start rambling, let us begin! Remember you can click the link through to the items listed in this post as well.

These looks are perfect for the homebody couples, if you're having a picnic in the park, going to a movie or out to eat at a low-key restaurant that doesn't have a black-tie dress code. They're cute and casual filled with flowing tops and lacey details, not too dressy but not too "I just rolled out of bed, through a pile of clothes, and this is what stuck to me so I'm wearing it" either!
So I probably went a little more casual than I should have, buy then again everyone has their own definition of casual. For me it's jeans and a slouchy top with my favorite vintage loafers, for other's it's what they wear to bed. (starting from left to right) The first outfit, and probably my favorite, I'm calling "Love-Struck Filly", because the dress is utterly cute, and it has quirky Western/Bohemian hints in it as well (like the boots and vintage necklace). The dress itself actually has little bows on it and is made of a lightweight corduroy (so it won't drag you down in the heat or slice through with a good gust of wind either!), and adds an almost child-like vibe to the whole gig, which I like very much because I myself am a hopeless romantic. I paired the little number with a pair of heeled ankle boots to give you just the right amount of height, and I then added knee high socks to the outfit, but those are totally optional because I can see the dress with or without it! And then to top things off, I added a bohemian staple item: the coin necklace that can literally be worn with anything from cute little dresses, to vintage and destroyed band tees!
• Vintage Coin Necklace c/o Child of Wild, Dress c/o Chicnova, Knee High Socks c/o Uniqlo, Heeled Ankle Boots c/o H&M •

This second outfit is great for it you're going to be out in public a lot, because it features a street style staple we like to call the "boyfriend jean", and in a distressed format as well! These jeans are paired with a whimsical blouse that's longer on the sides, and features lace insets on the sleeves, this sweet little number buttons down as well, so you can unbutton it just enough to reveal a peek of that sexy little bralette (or bra, whichever you're wearing) underneath! For your feet I've picked out a simple pair of black ankle strap heels without a platform in them to add to walking comfort, and then the whole thing takes a romantic and daring twist with the lovely coral snakeskin cross-body bag! And for this outfit, I would actually suggest layering on the arm and finger candy, and leaving your neck to the collar or the shirt!
• Asymmetrical Blouse c/o H&M, Distressed Boyfriend Jeans c/o GAP, Ankle Strap Heels c/o Lulu's, Snakeskin (faux) Crossbody c/o Topshop •

And last but not least, the final outfit! This pairing again features an asymmetrical top that's longer on the sides than in front or back (it'll be just dreamy whenever your move or the wind blows ever so slightly~). So with this top I paired with some dark wash skinny jeggings (I for one am with Team Jegging -the ones that actually zip and have pockets though-, they fit me well for my small frame as to regular skinny jeans and are easier to maneuver in!), a layered gold a pearl necklace for optimal femininity and classy-ness, and to keep the whole outfit grounded so the top doesn't whisk you away with a stiff wind, some loafers in a romantic deep red. I also opted for a clutch that went with the shoes and had a fun little bow on it to keep things playful and young!
• Gold & Pearl Necklace c/o Forever 21, Asymmetrical Top c/o In Love With Fashion, Dark Wash Skinny Jegging c/o American Eagle Outfitters, Loafers c/o Topshop, Bow Clutch c/o Coast Stores •

For those of you who are going to eat with your significant other's parents or family, or if you have 7PM reservations to that fancy new Italian place after your romantic comedy flick. These ensembles are also great for if you really just like dressing up.
Starting from the left to right again, I hope you're ready for round two! We're beginning this classy quad with favorite piece of mine: the floral dress. Now even though the floral skater dress is my favorite, this one is a favorite as well due to the floral pattern and fuschia cuffed sleeves. I wanted to keep this outfit simple, and let the dress do the talking as the statement piece, so I left the heels nude, and am suggesting something along the lines of a delicate heart necklace to add some V-Day flare in these among your walking bouquet of flowers! So it's kind of like wearing the amazing McQueen number (I believe it was 2011 no?)...except it won't fall apart...and you won't be left in your undergarments in the middle of wherever you are.
• Heart Charm Necklace c/o ASOS, Floral Dress c/o Romwe, Nude Heels c/o Fashion Union

The second outfit is actually two outfits, because you can go with either or bottoms! I started with a classy black lace peplum (don't worry, it has a lining in it!), and from there you can either go with tucking it in a high-waisted and very flattering fitted skater skirt (if not tucked in -and this goes for any peplum + skater skirt combo- you run the risk of it all looking like some awkward and awful tiered dress...yeah, yuck is right) and finished off with some cute wedges. OR you can take the long road and pair it with the every-flattering Easy Jean (I've chosen the white, but you can always go with black, maroon or even pink if you wish) and finished that with a point toe flat. Either one is a great choice and outfit in itself so no worries! 
• Black Lace Peplum top c/o Lulu's, High Waist Skater Skirt c/o Chicnova, Wedges c/o ModCloth, Easy Jeans c/o American Apparel, Pointed Flats c/o Zara

This last outfit is definitely short and sweet, and perfect for Valentine's Day or a date night in general. This lacy quarter-sleeve collared dress is paired with a simple velvet strapped heel in a peachy nude color, and even has embellishments on the toe covering and ankle strap as well for a bit of sass with the outfit. Now since the dress itself has so many things going for it (the sleeves, lace detailing, babydoll waist and collar as well), I would go for again, a simple a delicate necklace/set of bangles/rings. You want the dress to be the center of attention (with you in it of course), and so everyone can see how cute you look!
Lace Dress c/o ASOS, Jeweled Heels c/o Charlotte Russe

Today's your day to be sexy, whether you're going out with someone or hitting the club with the rest of your single gals (whoever said you had to be in like with someone to celebrate V-Day anyways?). Amp it up with sexy cut outs and necklines, and don't forget to look below for the sexy sweet nothings to put on under your outfit ;)
To be honest, this set could have had a lot, and I mean a lot, more added to it because there are sooo many sexy dresses out there, but I restrained myself and kept it to three outfits like I've done for the rest! 
The first dress is a daring one, but I wish the nude panels were more see-through to umph up the sex appeal to it! I love showing off my shoulders and back, so this does it perfectly for me. Since the neckline is so high (and looks flattering on all neck lengths), let the dress do all the talking and try to be as minimal and sparing with your jewelry as you can. You can also pull the outfit together by pairing heels or wedges in the same red/pink color of the lace (like I've picked a low heel that would be easier to dance in), or you can go for nude or black if one of those is more your style!
• Lace & Nude Dress c/o Choies, Heels c/o Topshop

This middle dress will have all eyes on you and your date ready to fight anyone off who dares make a move! With the stunning, and plunging neckline, you'll definitely need some double-sided fashion tape for this to avoid any unwanted nip slips or loss of dres altogether while you're out. This outfit may be too daring for some, but for a good sassy and dare-devil handful, it works just perfectly as if the gods crafted it themselves and it just magically ended up on their bodies! I kept up the daring by adding some delightfully crazy wedges that will allow you to make a statement with your outfit, and on the dance floor as well without falling on your face (and even if you do, who cares? life's too short to cut a night early because you're too embarrassed to go on any longer!!) Just make sure to wear your comfy insoles if you'll be dancing the night away! And just like the model in the image, smack on some red lipstick and add on some charming dangly earrings to bring (some of) the attention to your face, but leave your throat bare because the plunge is doing all the talking for you/
• Plunge Dress c/o NastyGal, Disco Wedges c/o NastyGal • 

Do I even need to go into detail what these are for?? Rose petals and chocolates not included.
Suggested accessories? Thigh-high stockings, smokey eyes, velvet chokers, more garter belts, fuzzy pink handcuffs, blindfolds, silk ties, rope, whips, candle wax.
And don't forget that protection ladies, because if not, you will get pregnant. And die.
Soiree Ilona Set c/o Agent Provocateur, Velvet Bralette c/o Bluefly, Velvet Detailed Knickers c/o NastyGal, Lace Triangle Bralette c/o Cosabella, Lace Garter Belt c/o Nordstrom, High Waist Lace Briefs c/o H&M, BE MINE set c/o For Love & Lemons 

I hope you all enjoyed the first Fashion Friday, they'll keep getting better, I promise! Please remember that not all items may be in stock at the time you check them, and I cannot guarantee they will come in your size, color desired or ship to where you live. But if you see an item you really like, you can e-mail me at or hit me up on Tumblr and I'll help you find a similar item! Also remember that these outfits are merely here for inspiration, no one is forcing you to buy these items, and when I can I'll provide discount codes or let you know of upcoming promotions that may ease your bank account haha.

Which outfit is your favorite, what's your personal V-Day style, and what would you as a reader and fellow fashion lover like to see as a future trend covered for Fridays? Let me know below!

xox, Stephie

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