Gratituesday 102

Where has the week gone?! Well it's Tuesday which means it is time again to talk about our favourite things, why life is GOOD! and what we are grateful for this week! 

The feeling that spring is approaching!

This vintage cup and saucer is sold (you might be able to hunt for it!) I am not a big believer in fortunes etc., but it is fun to do! This guide to reading tea leaves is worth a go!

Bunnies, especially ones with big thumper feet!

Mean Girls anything, but especially Glenn Coco! we have tons of Glenn Coco tops at Wonderland!

This super image that my friend sent me!

The Queens dogs!

This super awesome chandelier

Fluffy Pink Jackets!

Little things...

Having an amazing response to here, and Wonderland Clothing ♥ Text messages that say things such things as 'you're golden' and nothing more ♥ Sunday Coffee dates with best friends ♥ Direct Messages from a celebrity saying they love your clothing (FAN GIRL MOMENT AHOY!) ♥ The fact it might be wet and windy, but Winter isn't being tooo harsh! ♥ Hilarious twitter conversations about trying to record the top 40 without Dr Fox speaking (child of the 90's moment) ♥ Johnny Cash ♥ Sex and the City on a lazy Saturday ♥ Inspirational Friends ♥ The nights getting longer ♥ Mr Jones ♥ Meals at restaurants where you are by far the youngest person by 40 years ♥ Exciting things in the pipeline 



  1. The Queen's dogs!! So cute!! I always want a bunny every time I see a photo of one, but they are so hard to care for.

    1. Me too, but you're right I just don't have the time!

  2. Ahhh such a lovely post, that bunny rabbit's feet! I accidentally deleted your comment instead of publishing it (duh) so I just wanted to pop by and say thanks :) J xxx

  3. Love the horoscope tea cup! xx


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