You don't need a boyfriend, When you have a cat.

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I have always liked cats, but to be honest always thought of myself as more of a dog person. This was until Jones came into my life.  When we got him his name was Froggy, he was 5 years old and his owner had gone into a care home. He came into a home of dogs, and did not approve. Then one night watching the film alien we watched as the cat Jones, hissed and spat at them, just like our Jones did at the dogs - and that was that, he was therefore Jones. 

Jones has become like my shadow, and has totally changed my feelings of cats. The other night my friend (I use this term loosely in this setting!) said you're going to be a cat lady, alone with your cat forever. This got me thinking, why would this be so bad? would it be? No! so here are my reasons for why you don't need a boyfriend, you need a badass cat. 

They, like you, just want to sleep all day.

Who doesn't like to make cat noises? well when you do it at your cat they understand so it serves a purpose!

 You can dress cats up like you would your boyfriend, cats will look cuter, and make for awesome photos like the above. 

Cats are fluffy - enough said. 

They may not get overly excited when you walk in the door, but they’re always waiting on the bed for you, like any good life partner should be.

They look at people with the hatred and disdain you wish you could. 

 They make for funny YouTube videos. You have much more chance of going viral with a cat video, than a boyfriend one

“Crazy cat person” is a title you should be honored to have.

They always want to be near you, even when it’s inconvenient and they’re getting all up on your laptop while you’re trying to type. At least someone always wants to pay attention to you.

Because if and when you do let them outside, they’ll love you enough to bring you back a mouse because they think you’re a really big dumb hairless cat that can’t hunt for itself (no, seriously this is a fact apparently).

Because at the end of the day, people come and go. Cats are for fucking ever. 

Do you have a cat? if so show me! Or not a cat person?! THE TRAVESTY!


  1. I'm definitely a dog person haha! Perhaps I'd change my mind if I had one... ;)

    Tara x

    1. I think I am it's just this one cat! haha

  2. OMG, I am inlove with this post. I don't even care about boys or boyfriends so long as I have a cat of my own when I'm older.
    We got our family cat given to us for free since it's owner didn't really want him or needed him and we are so happy ever since, cats are just amazing and so cute and totally prefer them over dogs even though they don't get excited about you and stuff, I still love cats haha
    here's our cat:
    love this post girly :) <3

  3. What a cute cat :D


  4. Hahaha, i laughed so badly seeing these pictures. And you're totally right: nothing bad about becoming a cat-lady!

  5. Cuteness overload! I don't have any pets but I always wanted a cat. I grew up fearing them but recently I've overcome that :)

    P.S. Thank you for stopping by my blog, it meant a lot! Also Wonderland Clothing is awesome!

    Chamomile Dealer

  6. Love your layout its gorgeous!

  7. These photos are so cute! I am a total cat lady and am not afraid to admit it! ;)

  8. Ahahah awesome post! They are all hilarious!

  9. aw i loved this post! im a cat and a dog person. but i have a lil kitty who i adooorree. xx


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