Gratituesday 103

So another week has come and gone and I hope you all had a gorgeous Valentines day however big or little you celebrated! 

Lets see what we are grateful for this week!

 Seeing strawberries coming into the shops means Summer is on it's way surely?!

Your cat lady starter pack has arrived!

Juno always, and if you haven't seem Ellen Page's speech coming out, then you need to! It's here  

 I spent hours on the phone to one of my best friends this week, and realised how important it is to still speak to your friends! We are lost in a generation of texting, and emails so pick up the phone!

Obsessed with this flower construction. It's by Anne Ten Donkelaar an amazing Dutch artist. You can see more of her work here

Gotta be thankful for ferrets in a bath!

This macro!

The art of handwritten letters, it needs to make a come back!

Little Things...

♥ Cinema Dates with Mama Bish ♥ London Fashion Week killing it and making me a proud Brit! ♥ Power walking that turns into Power Lunching ♥ Lovely tweets ♥ Texts such as 'I am going to Miley's tour for the clothes, even if I am the only 30 year old there, BY MY SELF ♥ Some sunshine after ALL the rain ♥ Save the last dance soundtrack (so good!) ♥ Leo Dicaprio LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ♥ Having but missing friends all over the world ♥ Researching Sloth Sanctuary Visits ♥ Cocktails in rainbow colours ♥ Emails from pretty boys ♥ Hatching plans ♥ Wham! whilst eating Wham! bars

Now you go!


  1. great blog
    great photos

    do you want follow each other???


  2. That is THE CUTEST BOX OF KITTENS I have ever seen (sorry for the caps... couldn't contain my excitement!)

    xo, Liz

  3. Nice pictures! And I looove the blog design!
    If you are into photography, maybe you will like my blog? Nice blog you got here anyway! x

  4. Juno is such a cute film! Bless Ellen, she's such a sweetie.

    Tara xo

  5. aw the little kittens are so adorable!!
    Lizzy | elizabethsophiee x


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