Gratituesday 103 on a Wednesday!

The weeks seem to be flying by, and I seem to have misplaced my days so here is Gratituesday on a Wednesday!

 Love flamingos, love this design

 The Very Hungry Caterpillar was my favourite book as a child, if you haven't read it do so!

One of my favourite songs, Going away to college by Blink 182 

 This very true statement.

 This amazing gif.

This great illustration.

 More love for Kitties and Bullshit

Gold stars always!

 Amazing 3D Coffee Art

 This picture of Kim K Crying on anything makes me lol

 Last week I gave you kittens in a box, here is MOVING kittens in a box (the one falling over makes me lol)

 Pretty much me ^^

 Love this pin - but the shop appears to have gone!

Still obsessed with neon lights! Love this Gemma Tickle one.

Finally, cats paws - always.

Little Things...

♥ Happy emails from happy people! ♥  home made soup ♥ FINALLY getting some much need sunshine
♥ false eyelashes that don't look false ♥ Lazy wine and pizza dates with old friends ♥ forehead kisses ♥ 'BITE ME' ♥ Flowers starting to bloom  ♥ The days most certainly getting longer ♥ chance encounters ♥ plans, plans, plans ♥ instant photos funny texts ♥ 90's music ♥ making tulle skirts ♥ long conversation ♥ being proud of your friends

How about you?


  1. :D so cool!

    Check out my new post about street style on MFW!

  2. The 3D coffee cat art is so cool! Impressive

  3. perfect collection of images!! i LOVE the very hungry caterpillar, and omg that kitten haha! <3

    beautiful garbage

  4. The Very Hungry Caterpillar also was my favorite book! <3



    Personal Style Blog WWW.REDREIDINGHOOD.COM

  5. I adore those flamingo matches! xx

  6. The Very Hungry Catepillar was my favourite book when I was younger too! :D

    Technicolour Dreamer

  7. Oh this post made me smile, allllllllll the kittens. there isn't much wrong in this world that a good GIF can't fix

  8. hahahah there are so many pics that made me laugh, especially the kitty lol xx


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