Gratituesday 115 - Finding Gratitude In Bad Times!

Sorry we missed it last week, not sure what happened! So how is everyone and what are you grateful for this week? It's been a tough one for me personally (you know when you have those crazy bad weeks, where everything goes wrong?) well yes one of those! However there is always time to be grateful so here we go.

These nails (seriously, I want them!)

Puppies! especially puppies running.

People who can draw? I am jealous.

 Wise words from the queen of pop.

 I feel this bag is a happy bag.

 More people should give hug coupons out.

 This is the kind of thing I say.

Words like this.

Little Things...

'We talk about these people like they are our friends - is this a problem do you think?' 'I am on the Royal Baby diet - AKA I will be goal weight by the time the Royal Baby arrives - Quotes from my friends Plotting lunch dates with fabulous babes (Marty, Victoria and Brogan - babe's ahoy!) Taking an afternoon off and just watching trashy TV My best friend, being truly the best friend you could dream of People having faith in you, even when you feel you don't have faith in yourself. Naps Productive night times Wonderland Customers (Seriously the best!) Packages in the mail Holiday Plans  

What’s making you happy today?

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