Gratituesday 115

So happy September! Cannot believe it is already this time of year, which means cosy nights in, hot chocolate, and big jumpers right? Chilled week over here, lots of blogging and ordering Winter wares! So what are grateful for this week little ones?

 We Concur!

LOVE flamingos. 

Raving with Jesus.

Ponies and Rainbows

Did we mention flamingos?

Love this. 

Alice of course!

 Little Things...

Coffee dates being the new wine dates Eating well (makes the mood shiny and happy!) Celebrity Big Brother (It's an addiction) Working whilst watching documentaries Our Mamas (be lost, thats for sure) Friends who you have never met doing MASSIVE favours for you Listening to Nsync LOUD in the mornings Mr Jones the cat Planning photoshoots in Paris   Finding amazing photographers (who live down the road - SCORE) Tomatoes and Mozzarella (tomatoes from the garden, you cannot beat it) Baths  

Yummy. I feel all satisfied & gleeful! Okay moony moon moon, it’s your turn. Let’s talk about LOVE! ! Please tell me all the delicious things you can think of!



  1. FLAMINGOS! I saw some awesome ones in Bolivia, they just give off a really cool vibe. ;)

    Tara x


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